Why is a m4 better than a m16 airsoft?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Most airsoft battles take place in close quarters which is what the m4 was made for. Unlike the m16 which was made for longer ranges

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Q: Why is a m4 better than a m16 airsoft?
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What is better the M16 or the M4 carbine airsoft gun?


Can an airsoft m4 look like an m16?

An M4 is a short barreled version of the M16, so yes, they can look quite similar.

Does the airsoft m4 and airsoft masada have interchangable mags?

It depends on which companies make the m4 you have, but generally companies stick to the same dimentions for magazines for the m4/m16 family.

Do standard airsoft M4 or M16 magazines fit inside the Army Armament R85A1?


What is better a airsoft Thompson or a airsoft m4?

It all depends of the company making it. A Tokyo Marui M1A1 Thompson would be better than a cheap Wal-Mart M4. But a Classic Army M4 would be better than a CYMA M1A1 Thompson.

What is best electric airsoft gun under 100?

get a well m4 or m16 off of but you could get better ones for not much more off

What is the best airsoft gun for 150?

The best airsoft gun you could get for $150 would probably be an Aftermath gun, but you could get a JG M4 or M16 for under $150

Did they replase the m16 with the m4?

Not entirely. The Marines retained the M16, and most Army mech units opted for the M16A4 rather than the M4.

Which has a greater range m4 or m16?

The M16 assault rifle has a greater range than the M4 carbine as a result of its 20-inch barrel, compared with 14.5 for the M4. The M16 can hit an area target out to 800 meters while the M4 is effective to 600 meters.

What is best the M16 or M4?

Both guns are very excellent guns, but it just depends on the situation. If your in confined spaces, the m4 would be better due to its compactness; but if your outside, the m16 would be better due to its accuracy. Overall, I think the m16 is better, but that's just my opinion. Besides, there are better guns than the m16 series such as the m468 with its heavier round, and the scar with its interchangability between the 556 round and the 762 round.

What is the primary assault weapon of the USMC because I heard they're trading the M16 in for the M4 is this true?

The M4 is a smaller version of the M16. It has less range, but it is better for urban combat.

Will boyi dboys ar m4 m16 190 short magazine work on boyi d-boys m4 cqb airsoft gun aeg rifle?

it seems like no one knows.