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Q: Does the amazon river and the Andes run through Peru?
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Where does the river amazon run to?

The River Amazon runs from the Andes, in Peru, through Brazil and into the Atlantic Ocean.

In which county is the Amazon River?


Where does the Amazon River flow?

The Amazon river flows eastward from the Andes Mountains in Peru through Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean.

What does the Amazon River go through?

it starts at peru, in the Andes and it goes through the amazon rainforest and ends up at the sea in brazil.

Were is the Amazon river located?

runs from the Andes Mountains in Peru through Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean

Does the amazon river flow through the Andes and into the pacific ocean?

No. The amazon originates from tributaries in Peru and flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

Do amazon river rise in Andes mountains?

The river rises in the Andes mountains in Peru, The location is Novado Mismi

What is Peru famous for?

Machu Picchu Peru also shares the Amazon Rainforest, Andes Mountains, and is the source of the Amazon River.

How much of the Amazon River runs through Peru?

The same amout as Peru runs through the amazon river.

Is there some of the Amazon in Peru?

Peru shares the Amazon river basin with Brasil, but it is in Peru where the two great rivers Marañon and Ucayali get togheter to form the Amazon River. All the afluents rivers that goes to this river come from the Andes mountains from Peru mainly.

Is Peru near the Amazon?

The Amazon River begins as a trickle in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Ocean going vessels use the inland port of Iquitos in Peru.

What major river runs through Peru?

The Amazon River.

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