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Does the beneficiary get paid if the insurance company did an exam on the insured prior to issuing a life insurance policy but the insured dies due to a liver cancer in the first two years?


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Did the insured know he had any issues with cancer? For more info. see


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The Insurance company should ideally check the validity of the relationship (whether legal spouse) at the time of issuing the contract or at the time of naming the beneficiary. Again the basic essence of Insurance contract is the valid insurable interest. I presume the Insurance contract is binding on the insurance company and the surviving spouse need to be compensated with the benefit amount of the Insurance contract.

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Generally, the parties would be the insurance company, the insured and the dentist. However, depending upon the nature of the policy, there may also be an entity, such as a third-party administrator that is responsible for pre-approving procedures and issuing payment to the provider.

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No, Insurance is a means of contractually transferring risk including the risk of liability to another entity, namely the Insurance Company issuing the policy.

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I'm not taking your question lightly, but if YOUR life insurance beneficiary is going to receive money, that means YOU died. Hence, since you would be gone, there would be nobody to notify. The insurance company has to be notified of your death. Your BENEFICIARY or policyowner or executor has to FILE A CLAIM to receive the death proceeds. The check is usually just sent to the beneficiary or beneficiaries. Sometimes things are a little more invovled when there are title questions, like a divorce, or dying intestate, or if the insurance company is notififed of a dispute in court over the ownership. If you're having a dispute, notify the insurnace company of the dispute and the person's death, so they can freeze issuing the proceeds to someone who may be last listed as the beneficieary, but the court finds in favor of another party.

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An ex-wife remains as a "Named Beneficiary" until such time as her ex-husband authorizes the Insurance Company to remove her name as such. If the ex-husband re-marries, his new wife does not stand to benefit from insurance proceeds until he makes the change with the issuing company. A common mistake is for divorced couples to not change their beneficiaries and when a death occurs, the new spouse finds out that the ex gets all the insurance benefits leaving the new spouse with nothing.

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