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Did the insured know he had any issues with cancer? For more info. see

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Q: Does the beneficiary get paid if the insurance company did an exam on the insured prior to issuing a life insurance policy but the insured dies due to a liver cancer in the first two years?
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If you are named beneficiary on an accident life insurance policy and your relationship to owner is listed as wife but never legally married are you still entitled to receive payment?

The Insurance company should ideally check the validity of the relationship (whether legal spouse) at the time of issuing the contract or at the time of naming the beneficiary. Again the basic essence of Insurance contract is the valid insurable interest. I presume the Insurance contract is binding on the insurance company and the surviving spouse need to be compensated with the benefit amount of the Insurance contract.

What parties are involved with dental insurance?

Generally, the parties would be the insurance company, the insured and the dentist. However, depending upon the nature of the policy, there may also be an entity, such as a third-party administrator that is responsible for pre-approving procedures and issuing payment to the provider.

Does the bank notify you when your life insurance beneficiary is to receieve monies?

I'm not taking your question lightly, but if YOUR life insurance beneficiary is going to receive money, that means YOU died. Hence, since you would be gone, there would be nobody to notify. The insurance company has to be notified of your death. Your BENEFICIARY or policyowner or executor has to FILE A CLAIM to receive the death proceeds. The check is usually just sent to the beneficiary or beneficiaries. Sometimes things are a little more invovled when there are title questions, like a divorce, or dying intestate, or if the insurance company is notififed of a dispute in court over the ownership. If you're having a dispute, notify the insurnace company of the dispute and the person's death, so they can freeze issuing the proceeds to someone who may be last listed as the beneficieary, but the court finds in favor of another party.

Is insurance a liability?

No, Insurance is a means of contractually transferring risk including the risk of liability to another entity, namely the Insurance Company issuing the policy.

Would an ex-wife named as the beneficiary on her ex-husband's life insurance have a problem with collecting if she has remarried?

An ex-wife remains as a "Named Beneficiary" until such time as her ex-husband authorizes the Insurance Company to remove her name as such. If the ex-husband re-marries, his new wife does not stand to benefit from insurance proceeds until he makes the change with the issuing company. A common mistake is for divorced couples to not change their beneficiaries and when a death occurs, the new spouse finds out that the ex gets all the insurance benefits leaving the new spouse with nothing.

What information is required to receive a typical life insurance quote from a leading company?

Life insurance companies will require date of birth, gender, tobacco use, and area of residence before issuing a quote. They may also require height and weight and have other questions about specific medical conditions of the person to be insured.

What is the role of an insurance carrier?

The term "insurance carrier" is equivalent to "insurance company" or "insurer". It is an entity that engages in the business of issuing insurance policies to individuals, groups, or other entities. In return for the payment of money (a premium), it assumes a range of financial risks for the person or entity insured. The range and causes o fthe risks, and the amount of financial risk assumed, is specified in the written contract.

Does a illegal tint ticket go on your insurance?

You should have received a fix-it ticket. Moving violations appear against your drivers license. Insurance companies can consider it when issuing insurance if it appears on your driving record. However, if you are already insured, It probably won't affect your rates.

Is car insurance higher if you have a low credit score?

Most often yes, but some insurance companies do not consider credit when issuing a rate. Ask your agent or insurance company if they do use credit scores and why.

Can you buy a car without planning to be the insured driver?

Sure you can. You can buy a car and then give it away or donate it. You can even junk it if you wish. You will however have to put the car in someone name who has insurance on the car as they will ask for proof of insurance before issuing a title.

What is Issuing Company?

I'm filing for unemployment and a field required is issuing is on the same page asking for a personal id other than your social security. What does this mean? Issuing company???

If you purchased a company and created a new corporation but the insurance agent renewed the old policy instead of issuing a new one for the new corp what can you do?

Get the insurance agent to fix the problem or get a new agent.

Why would someone get a ticket for no proof of insurance when she is insured?

Any number of reasons, 1 the driver was excluded or otherwise not an insured under your policy. or 2 insurance proof was not furnished in a form of writing when requested by the law enforcement officer.Answer"Why would someone get a ticket for no proof of insurance, when she is insured?" In most states, you are required to provide proof of insurance if stopped by an officer. If you cannot furnish a current insurance card he has the option of issuing a traffic ticket.Normally you can take a notarized letter from you insurance carrier to the clerk indicating coverage for the driver was in effect and the ticket will be dismissed.However you state in your post that your wife is excluded. If a person has been excluded from the policy she is in fact driving without insurance.

Is my motor vehicle driving record automatically sent to my car insurance agency?

Yes, your car insurance agency has access to your driving record. They use it in part to help determine your premium rate. Your driving record can be requested by your insurance company but it is not automatically sent. It is normal for a company to review your record before issuing a policy.

What Life insurance companies are issuing Guaranteed investment contract?


What recourse does a contractor have when they have performed the work and the insurance company has issued the check in their name and the insureds name but the insured will not endorse the check?

The insurance company sought you fit to complete the job and by issuing the check I'm going to assume you did the work at a high workmanship standard and fulfilled the contract. Take them to court and take them to the cleaners you'll get way more that what your owed seize property do it all Fellow contractor to contractor. May them pay big time lowlifes like that are what drags American families down

What is the purpose of a company issuing stock?

To raise money that can be used to grow the company.

How do you make an insurance issuing plan?

Not sure what you mean by issuing plan, but start with an agent or agents they will be able to assist you, or please expand on your question.

Do Life insurance companies check your credit when issuing policies?

Yes! of course they do!

What are the 2 ways in which a public limited company may finance its activities?

# By Issuing Equity Shares or # By Issuing Corporate Bonds

What is a synonym for publication?

well, if you publish something, its like you're issuing it, so maybe, issue. For example, the sentence, The company specialized in the publication of books, would be the same if you used the word issuing: The company specialized in the issuing of books. Tell me if i'm right!!:)

If you have 3-4 paid up whole life insurance policies through national life Who do you contact to cash them in?

If you have a 'whole life' policy it likely means that you are 100. If you would like to cash them in..................if that's the issuing insurance company.

Who gets the money in an IPO?

The company that is issuing the IPO gets the money.

Is there any disadvantages to issuing shares?

By issuing shares you have sold a piece of the company to investors. Some of the disadvantages include: you will be answerable to the investors and you will have to disclose company information to them that you would have preferred your competitors didn't know.

If have an insurance policy under the name of Ellen humphries policy no-3830929?

You need to take the info you have and go directly to the issuing insurance company or agent that help you secure the coverage and ask them the questions you need answered. It is not wise to share that kind of info here in this forum.