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Does the beneficiary have to pay bills left by the insured?


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Beneficiary's obligation

The beneficiary has no legal obligation to pay the bills solely in the name of the insured.


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Assuming you are talking about Life Insurance the answer is no. Once the insured is deceased, this will trigger the insurance company to pay the benefits to the beneficiary, and the policy will no longer exist. The owner no longer owns anything.

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On average a company has 60 to pay the settlement or notify the beneficiary if there are any problems concerning the settlement. If the beneficiary killed the insured person the company can refuse to pay.

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On a health insurance policy, a "deductible" is a specified amount which the insured/beneficiary must pay out of their own pocket, before their insurance will pay any covered medical services. After the deductible amount is met, a "coinsurance" is a percentage amount which the insured/beneficiary is responsible for. For example, if an insurance policy is an "80/20 plan", this means that the insurance company pays 80% of medical services, and the patient (insured) is responsible to pay the remaining 20% (coinsurance).

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Indirectly she will pay for the bills. It is the responsibility of the estate to pay the bills and she will inherit whatever is left over.

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