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Hi, I had the same question. This link provides some good info: Hope this helps!

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Q: Does the bonsai tree have a meaning?
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Meaning of bonsai tree?

A bonsai tree is just a normal tree that has been dwarfed by root pruning and restricting to a small container. It is an art form. eae

Is a bonsai tree lucky?

No, Sadly a bonsai tree is not lucky.

Why give a bonsai tree for Valentine's Day?

If your partner will enjoy a bonsai tree, that's the best reason to give a bonsai tree for Valentine's Day.

What does bonsai tree mean?

Bonsai means 'potted tree' or 'tray tree' in japanese. a bonsai tree is a tree that is pruned into a natural shape like a weeping style or a windswept style. The leaves, branches and roots are pruned to give it a miniaturized appearance that is a bonsai tree.

Where is the bonsai tree located on poptropica?

The bonsai tree is in the Bonsai shop in Red Dragon Island. However, all you do is trim it.

Is bonsai an adverb?

No. A bonsai (bonsai tree) is a dwarf decorative tree, and the name of the trimming art form. There is no adverb form.

Where are bonsai trees native?

Bonsai trees are not a variety of tree, it is a tree that is shaped and formed as it grows. It is a method of tree growing. The word Bonsai originated in Japan.

Differences between the bonsai tree and the oak tree?

They can both be the same thing. Bonsai is the art of dwarfing trees, so you can treat an oak tree as a bonsai.

What is the meanig of bonsai?

Bonsai means "tree in a pot"

Do the bonsai tree bring good luck or fortune?

Does bonsai tree bring good fortunes.

How is a normal tree made into a bonsai tree?

Normal trees cannot be made into a bonsai tree under any circumstance. The bonsai tree is a special species of plant that has been bred to have its current size.

What is the expected life span of a bonsai tree?

It depends on the species of tree used. Bonsai is a style of growing a tree not a specific type of tree.

What are the uses of banyan tree?

The main use of the banyan tree is for creating a bonsai tree. The oldest bonsai tree is in Tainan and is 240 years old.

What The Meaning Of Bonsai?

Where do you find the bonsai tree on popropica?

You find it in the bonsai trees store

Is the bonsai tree the smallest tree in the world?

Bonsai are not a variety or species of tree. The art of Bonsai is a method of grooming and training the growth of a tree that originated in Japan.The title of world's smallest species of tree goes to Salix herbacea or dwarf willow.

Where do you use the bonsai scissors on Poptropica?

You use it in the bonsai shop in Red Dragon Island where you trim a bonsai tree.

What kind of bonsai tree is this?

It is a japeneese or Chinese tree

How much does a bonsai tree weigh?

how much do normal bonsai trees weigh

How does the weight of the bonsai tree compare to the weight of a normal sized tree?

a bonsai tree can weigh from 100 to 150 grams, and a averge tree an weigh up to 1500lbs.

Bonsai Trees?

form_title=Bonsai Trees form_header=Hire a tree service to plant and care for your bonsai trees. Would you like a tree service to plant bonsai trees in your yard?*= () Yes () No How many bonsai trees do you want to purchase?*= _[50] Do you or will you need help caring for your bonsai trees?*= () Yes () No

In which Country does Bonsai grow?

Bonsai is not a type of tree, it is ANY dwarfed tree and so you can grow them anywhere or find them in the nature

How tall will a azalea bonsai tree get?

An azalea bonsai will grow as big as a normal tree depending how extensively the owner prunes it. But however, to remain bonsai it would have to be in a container such as a pot or tray.

Can you eat a bonsai tree?

you funny

How tall is an average bonsai tree?

5-10 inches to be consider still a bonsai