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no he dies by crashing into a Scarab.

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Q: Does the character 'Noble 1' survive in Halo Reach?
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Who is noble 6?

In halo reach, you are noble 6

What is a noble in halo reach?

There is not a noble on halo there is a noble team. Noble 6 is the main guy in the noble team. Carter (NOBLE 1) is the commando.

What do you have to do in the Halo Reach bonus misson?

There is no objective in the final Halo Reach mission except to survive as long as possible and to take out as many Covenant as you can. The death of Noble Six is the only trigger for the ending of the game.

Who do you play as in halo reach?

Noble 6 of the Noble team.

Is jorge noble 4 in halo reach?

No. He is noble 5.

Does Jun survive in Halo - Reach?

Jun (noble 3) is the only member of Noble Team confirmedstill alive by the end of Halo: Reach.(Although possible that Noble 6 got lucky surviving a near death experience by the end of Halo:Reach, he is still recorded as either confirmed or presumed KIA)

What happens to noble six in halo reach?

SPOILDERS:He/She dies in Combat at the end of Halo Reach in the mission "Lone Wolf."Noble Six is pierced by an Energy Sword wielded by an Elite at the end of Halo Reach.

What are the names of the Spartans on Halo Reach?

There are six Spartans in halo reach part of noble team; Carter - Noble 1 Kat - Noble 2 Jun - Noble 3 Emile - Noble 4 Jorge - Noble 5 Six - Noble 6

On halo reach who do you play as?

on Halo Reach you play as Noble six. hope this helps! -Raderboy4 (aka Mario2903)

Which halo reach level is a cutscene?

Noble Actual.

What is a noble in matchmaking halo reach?

It's a rank.

Can you be in the noble team in halo reach?

you already are when you are in campaign