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The contraceptive implant does not make your butt bigger.

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Q: Does the contraceptive implant make your butt bigger?
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How do you make butt big?

A butt implant!

How do you make the contraceptive implant less effective?

If you have the contraceptive implant and would like to get pregnant, have it removed. There is no other sensible, effective way to make it "less effective."

Can you get pregnant with the progestogen only subdermal contraceptive implant?

i will make it so

How do you make your implant birth control stop working?

To make the contraceptive implant stop working, have it removed. You will have immediate return to fertility.

Why is contraceptive implant used than contraceptive pill in developed countries?

The advantage of the contraceptive implant is its high level of effectiveness. Because you don't have to do anything to make it work, there are no mistakes (like missing a pill) that can decrease its effectiveness.

Do strawberries make your butt bigger?

No, strawberries do not make your butt bigger.

What does bleeding mean if you're on the contraceptive implant?

Bleeding is a side effect of the contraceptive implant. It can also be a sign of infection. See your health care provider to make sure the bleeding doesn't have another cause.

Does spinach make your butt bigger?

No, spinach has no special ability to make your butt bigger. .

Does Oatmeal make your butt BIGGER?

It does,But Oatmeal makes your butt BIGGER.

Do pregnancy pills make breasts bigger?

The combined contraceptive pill will make your breasts bigger...

Do french fries make your butt bigger?

No they make you bigger! No they make you bigger!

Where can i find pills to make your butt bigger?

There are no pills to make your butt bigger. If you want you butt bigger, eat McDonald's.

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