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The date grows on the female date palm

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Q: Does the date grow on the female date palm or the male date palm?
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How do you tell the difference between a male and a female Date Palm Tree?

the female has fruit That is actually half true, both the male and female produce fruits on certain palm trees. I think its a female if it contains a fertile seed. But don't take my word on that part. I just know that both male and females produce fruit on certain palm trees.

How long does it take for palm olives to grow?

There is no "palm olive". There are olive trees that grow olives and then there are date palm trees that grow dates.

Do palm trees grow in desert?

yes one example is the date palm

What is the name of the plant that dates grow on?

The date palm.

Does any type of flower or fruit grow at the top of a palm?

dates on a date palm

Does the tree produce dates?

Dates are produced on Date Palm Trees. They have Male and Female forms. The Male trees produce Pollen. They pollen fertilizes the female trees which produce the dates. Commercial groves grow only a few male trees. They take the pollen from them and fertilize the female flowers by hand. Most palms use the wind to spread their pollen but spreading pollen by hand makes fewer male trees necessary. That way more female trees can be grown and more dates produced.

How tall do date palm trees grow?

50 to 60 feet

Do all coconuts grow on palm trees?

yes they do (2) But not all palm trees produce coconuts. Coconuts grow on coconut palms; dates grow on date palms; there are many other varieties of palm whose fruit are not edible for humans.

What part of the Arabian peninsula did date palm trees grow in?

in all the Arabian Peninsula

Does a date grow above or below the ground?

Dates (Phoenix dactylifera) are the fruits of the Date Palm trees, and are above ground.

Can peaches grow on palm trees?

Peaches never grow on palm trees. Only coconuts and palm nuts grow from palm trees.

Is coconut a flowering plant?

Yes. It produces both male and female flowers. It is a member of the Palm Tree.

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