Does the death star crash on endor?

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No. It blew up over Endor's orbit.
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What is a death star?

The death star is known as the nemesis star AKA the death star, brown dwarf star, red dwarf star, or the sun's twin.

What does endored mean?

To endure something means that a person lived through it. Itusually refers to a period of time that was challenging.

What does 'endored' mean?

Endored was a manner of preparing birds such as swans and peacockto eat during the Middle Ages. The meat was painted with saffronand melted butter then roasted. It was then placed back inside theoriginal skin with the feathers still attached.

What is the first stage in the death of a star?

When a star starts to die, it expands, for example, in about 5 billion years the sun (Which is a star) will have expanded to about 250 times it current size, while losing about 30% of its mass. If you want more information on the Formation and evolution of a star: ( Full Answer )

Lego star wars II battle of endor beat it how?

Destroy everything, then go to the right. Go into the hatch as wicket and have him assemble the pieces for the bridge, so that the other characters can cross. (You'll need them all later.) Keep going and destroy the doors of all the huts you see until you find the one with the Protocol Droid Panel. ( Full Answer )

How do you complete 'Battle of Endor' in Lego Star Wars?

First save the two Ewoks then go back to Wicket.Cross the logs(you should be Chewbacca or Wicket) then in the forest find the place where you can see two AT-STs.Enter one of them(find the red circley thing before to even get to the place to enter them).When you go back into the forest you can destro ( Full Answer )

Death of a star?

A star dies out when the gases that the star is made up of burns out

How many alcoholic deaths by car crashes in 2008 alone?

We don't know, because 2008 isn't over yet, and statistics are usually about 18-24 months behind. In 2006, the last year for which full statistics are available, there were 42,532 deaths in traffic crashes, and 15,829 in alcohol-related crashes (37% of the total). According to the National Hig ( Full Answer )

What causes death in car crashes?

\nthe rapid deceleration from whatever speed the car was doing down to zero in a very quick time and over a miniscule distance causes the arteries connecting our organs to disconnect. eg. the main arteries of the heart disconnecting due to the impact. the human body isn't able to take such decelera ( Full Answer )

Are traffic crashes the leading cause of death in the us?

No. Here are the leading causes of death in the U.S. according to the Center for Disease Control, heart disease #1 (Traffic crashes, probably under accidental deaths) : Number of deaths for leading causes of death: . Heart disease: 616,067 . Cancer: 562,875 . Stroke (cerebrovascular dis ( Full Answer )

What is the average number of deaths per plane crash?

If you take the number of plane crashes from the last thirteen years (9/11 doesn't really throw the number off) there is a plane crash about every two days, with an average of 178 a year. They happen frequently, you just don't hear about them unless they have a high fatality rate.

What were the circumstances in James Dean's car crash death?

On Spetember 30, 1955, Dean and his mechanic had prepared his Porsche Spyder for a sports car race. He had originally decided to transport the car by trailer, but at the last minute chose to drive it there as he wanted more time to familiarise himself with it. He was ticketed at about 3:30 in the af ( Full Answer )

How do you get to endor in dragonquest chapters of the chosen?

Chapter 2: Defeat Master Kung and head as far south as you can and take the teleportal. Your there for the Endor tourney. Chapter 3: Go out of town, head east and then go all the way south. You have to build a tunnel for some dude there. Chapter 4: At the end of the chapter, take the boat from Havre ( Full Answer )

In which book do you find the witch of endor?

the chronicals of Narnia and thw witch of endor. You can also find it in many of the books written by Micheal Scott. From the series of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel

What is better the star forge or the death star in Star Wars?

That's close i would say death star is more powerful but the Star forge can produce massive armys which, in the end, you could say is more powerful.... sorry cant be much more help. i personally would rather have a death star but that's just me

The death of a star occurs when?

When the star runs out of fuel. Most stars burn (fuse, actually) hydrogen. When this runs out, what happens next depends on the mass of the star... heavier stars can fuse heavier elements for a short time, but lower mass stars simply collapse into white dwarfs.

How do you beat Lego Star Wars the original trilogy DS battle on endor after you save the ewoks and go back to the platform what do you do?

You are lucky I'm answering this question. Cross these logs where you can see at the far side then you are in this forest find your way to the place with the AT-ST's climb into one then go back and destroy the big walls and get to the bunker and you will see R2-D2 explode ( I'm not sure if that happ ( Full Answer )

Why did Saul visit the witch of Endor?

In the biblical story, Samuel had died and God was no longer helping Saul. The Philistines were attacking and Saul needed advice. He promised the witch of Endor that he would not persecute her if she helped him contact Samuel on the other side.

Is the Death Star a star?

No, the Death Star is not a star. It is a man/droid made space station.

Who pays for a death in an airplane crash?

the pilot, um but not all the time because sometimes they have the airplane on auto pilot. They just have someone up there so when something goes wrong they know what to do.

How does an elevator crash cause death?

When you are falling or hitting the ground, that is going to jolt you through you around which can cause death. Also when you hit the ground something might come apart and hit you which can also cause death.

What do dreams of car crash and death mean?

Dreams speak in symbols and metaphors. So it is very unlikely that a dream about a car crash actually means that there will be a crash or death in real life. The dreamer's subconscious mind is probably saying that the dreamer feels "out of control" in some important area of life, and that the dreame ( Full Answer )

What pieces are in the battle of endor set?

Visit the Lego Star Wars section on the Lego website to download the instruction booklet for the Battle Of Endor set. In the booklet, the pieces are all featured. You could also check Brick Link (see related link below), it shows a list of all the parts, shows how many parts are in that set, and a ( Full Answer )

What is star of death?

If u mean the death star it is.............. "A Death Star was a moon-sized Imperial military battlestation armed with a planet-destroying superlaser. The Death Stars were the first in a long series of superweapons developed to execute the Tarkin Doctrine, but whose concept had been explored ( Full Answer )

How many of car crashes are preventable cause of the death of children?

All car crashes would be prevented if people just drove properly. People just need to turn off the cellphones and other electronic gadget's and pay attention to what they are doing and what every one on the road is doing. Everyone doing that = no crashes

What would happen if a star crashed into a planet?

That's not possible a star is a sun, planets revolve around a star, and the planet would be destroyed far far far far far before the star reached it, if that was even possible .

What Star Wars characters are in the death star?

If in Lego there is 24 characters old obi wan ,darth vader , 2 clones , 2 royal guerds , R2 D2 , R4 D7 ,C3 PO ,Black translator droid, luke (long haired),luke (short haired ) luke wearing droids cloth ,leia organa , 3 other random droids , chewbacca , Han Solo , han solo wearing droids cloth , 2 gue ( Full Answer )

Who sought help from the witch at Endor?

Saul , the first king of the Israelites. Isaiah 28:7 - Then Saul said to his servants, "Find me a woman who is a medium, that I may go to her and inquire of her." And his servants said to him, "In fact, there is a woman who is a medium at En Dor." [NKJV]

What is the Star Wars theme to endor called?

If you're referring to the song I think you're referring to, it'stitled, The Parade of the Ewoks . The other music used in reference to Endor & the Ewoks aretitled, Secondary Ewok Theme & VictoryCelebration .

How many snowmobile crashes lead to deaths in 2010?

It has proven difficult to find a number as to the total number of snowmobile crashes that lead to deaths in 2010. It appears that statistics are provided by state and are for combined years such as 2009-2010 or 2010-2011. New York state alone had 14 fatalities in the 2009-2010 winter season.

When did the Battle of Endor occur?

The Battle of Endor was a fictional battle that took place during the Galactic Civil War, the main conflict of the original trilogy of Star Wars films. This battle was the turning point in the war due to the deaths of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader.

What happened in the crash death of Dale Earnhardt Sr.?

Dale Earnhardt was an American race car driver. On the 18thFebruary 2001 Dale was involved in a last-lap collision at DaytonaInternational Speedway, he was pronounced dead at the HalifaxMedical Center at 5:16 PM. The results for his death was bluntforce trauma to the head.

When was Guy Endore born?

Guy Endore was born on July 4, 1900, in New York City, New York, USA.