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The only answer to this question is another question.

And the answer to that is your answer,

Do you want him to exist?

Different Religions and Satan
  • Christians believe he does, Satan was a fallen angel.
  • Jews don't - to them, Satan is not a devil,it is simply the inclination to do evil, people are responsible for their own actions.
  • Atheists say, "No" - the devil does not exist.
  • Islam believes in Satan (Iblis, Shaytan) The Qur'an explains that his fall from grace is due to his refusal to obey Allah and bow to Adam.
Additional Input:
  • Is there evil, yes, then the devil is real and will keep destroying souls until you follow the right path.
  • Atheists believe too, because they always search for answers like you are doing now.
  • Many say Yes, some say no.
  • That is a matter of opinion. If you believe god exists, then the devil goes hand in hand with that belief.
  • Although fact is generally substantiated with proof, and "faith" does not replace proof.. So if you are looking for a factually accurate answer then no, the devil does not exist.
  • Everybody has different opinions. Not everybody has the same religion therefore some people believe in the devil and some don't. However there is no proof he exists so it really is up to what you believe.
  • OF COURSE THERE IS. The Bible predicts things that happened and it came true. The devil is all around us. I mean why else would Save sick men be raping and molesting 7 year olds?
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Q: Does the devil exist
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