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89 and up yes

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Q: Does the exhaust pipe need to be removed to replace the fuel pump?
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Does the fuel tank need to be removed to replace fuel pump on 2002 grand maquis?

Sorry, but yes the fuel tank must be removed.

What do you need for a turbo on your car?

A whole lot. You'll need to replace the intake, redo the exhaust, replace the injectors... there has to be a precise fuel/air mixture in these engines.

Do you need to remove the passenger side exhaust manifold in order to replace a fuel pump on a 1964 corvette?

No you do not.

Where is the fuel pump relay located on an Olds Alero?

The fuel pump is located in the fuel tank.The tank will need to be removed to replace the pump.Big job!

How do you replace the fuel sensor on 2008 Hyundai santa fe?

The fuel sensor on a Hyundai Santa Fe is located in the fuel tank. The fuel tank will need to be removed. The fuel sensor is attached to the fuel line. Remove the fuel line. The sensor can then be removed. Reverse the process to install the new sensor.

1991 Chevrolet Caprice 5.8 liter engine need to replace fuel pump. where location of pump?

In the fuel tank may have to be removed for access

Does the fuel tank need to be removed to replace a left rear broken brake line on a 1994 Mazda 626?

== == In most cases - NO

How do you change the fuel pressure regulartor on a 2000 s10 4.3?

You will need to remove the upper intake assembly to access the fuel pressure regulator. Once you have the upper intake removed a simple retaining clip is removed to allow you to replace the regulator.

How do you replace a head gasket on a 1993 Buick Roadmaster?

The head has to be removed on the 1993 Roadmaster to get to the gasket. You will need to remove the intake, exhaust manifold, and valve cover then unbolt the head to remove it. Check the head for warpage while it is removed.

Where is the fuel sensor located on a 2002 Chevy Venture?

Hi, If you are referring to the fuel LEVEL sensor, it is located on the Fuel Pump assembly, which is located inside the gas tank. If you need to replace it, the gas tank will need to be drained and removed to get to this assembly. Good Luck, Greg

How much will it cost to replace my factory exhaust on a 2000 BMW z3 with an after market exhaust I have the new exhaust you just need it put on?


How do I Replace A fuel pumpIn A 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo?

how do i replace the fuel pump and the tools i will need

Will the exhaust manifold on a 99 Chevy S10 2.2 need to be removed during blown head gasket repair?

Yes, the exhaust manifold on a 99 Chevy S10 2.2 will need to be be removed during the blown head gasket repair.

How do you repair exhaust manifold leak on a suburban?

Where is the leak coming from. Most likely you will need to replace the exhaust manifold gasket which will require removing the exhaust manifold.

How do you Change the oil pan?

What kind of car are you working on? And what engine? On some cars the exhaust A-pipe will need to be removed. On some four wheel drive trucks the front differential may need to be removed, or even the engine itself. On other cars it is a piece of cake to replace. It all depends.

Where do the fuel pump sit on a 1993 Dodge colt?

A fuel pump is inside the gas tank and sits in the top right corner if you are looking from behind the car. the tank will need to be drained and removed to replace this pump.

How do you replace the oil pan gasket for a 01VW passat 1.8t?

To replace the oil pan gasket on a 2001 Volkswagen Passat turbo the exhaust downpipe must be removed. The oil needs to be drained and all the pan bolts need to be removed as well. When replacing the gasket a sealer should be used to ensure a proper seal.

Will the intake have to be removedonly when the exhaust manifold needs to be removed?

You need to BClear. What Engine are we working with? In General the answer is no.

Diagram on the engine of a 2001 Oldsmobile silhouette you need to replace the thermostat?

how do you get the throttle body off so I can reach the thermostat house to replace the thermostat? Does the exhaust shield also need to come off? I have removed one bolt and two nuts on the throttle housing, are there more ? I can't find them.

How do you know you need to replace fuel pump?

When it fails to pump fuel as it should.

Does the fuel tank need to be removed to access the fuel pump on a 1997 Pontiac gp?


Does the fuel tank need to be removed to change fuel pump in a 2002 grand marquis?

According to my shop manual, yes the tank must be removed.

How do you replace a fuel pump for a 1989 Oldsmobile?

you will need to remove fuel tank. disconnect all fuel lines, discpnnect filler tube, disconnect electrical pigtail. note you probably have to lower but not remove fuel tank to access and disconnect above. may need to lower exhaust. remove lock ring from fuel sending unit. sending unit contains fuel pump. follow directions in fuel pump box.

Exhaust Fan?

form_title= Exhaust Fan form_header= Repair or replace an exhaust fan. Do you need to repair an existing exhaust fan?*= () Yes () No Do you want an exhaust fan that is Energy-Star compliant?*= () Yes () No How old is your existing exhaust fan?*= _ [50]

Why 2.2 s10 leaking oil on exhaust?

Need to replace the valve cover gasket.