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Yes, until the order is overturned, and provided the mother is not on Welfare.

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No, child support and child visitation are two different matters. Neither a father nor a mother can be denied visitation based on the fact that they are not paying child support.

If you are paying the mother because of a court order then you must continue to do so if the girls have not reached their majority.

No but your mother can. The child support goes to her and not you.

Well, if he's paying child support, that means she has custody of at least one child who is under 18. So, by law, no, it is illegal for the mother to move out of state without telling the father.

The father is responsible for paying at least the state mandated minimum in support regardless of what type of income or assistance the mother has. That is considered her portion of support, child support is yours.

You can sign your rights away but you will still have to pay child support if you are the father or mother of the child. There is no way to avoid paying child support.

The father does, since the mother is paying her share towards the children in the form of child support.

Often, if you begin paying, you have to continue paying, even if you're not the father. See related link

The father has to have the court's consent to cease paying child support.

Having no income is not a reason for making a change in custody. The father should be paying child support so the mother has some income coming into the home.

If you mean, what are the Dad's rights, he has the right to continue paying child support and the right to visitation, both as established by the courts.

Normally you would not be allowed to relinquish your rights just to avoid paying support, but, you are allowed to do so if the mother doesn't want the support money.

Yes, a mother South Africa can get an arrest warrant for a father living in another country if he stops paying for child support.

If the Mother has received ANY State assistance, and the Father was NOT paying Child Support at any time...The State has every right to demand repayment.

yes, the father has to continue paying child support even if he doesn't see the child. the father can put in a request to the courts in the state where child support has been established to have visitations enforced by the courts.

No. If the father is not paying his child support she needs to file a motion for contempt with the court. She cannot withhold visitations on her own. Visitations and child support are two separate issues.

Not sure what a "non biological father" is, but the only thing that could happen is that the (former) payor is excused from paying future support. He cannot recover the support already paid.

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