Does the flip video have a pause?

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How do you make a paused video a picture?

If you have a computer/laptop that has the button that says "PRTSC SYSRQ" on it then click that as your looking at the paused video and then open a paint document and click the big thing that says Paste. Not right click paste but the actual thing that says paste on Microsoft paint.

Can the flip video work on a Mac?

I have a Flip Mino, and when I plug it into the Mac, it doesn't work. The Flip creates .AVI files, when the Mac uses .m4v. I transferred it and it still wouldn't work! So, if you have a Mac, I recommend you not to get a Flip. I will test the Sony Bloggie Witt eh Mac, and it whil hopefully work.

How do you connect your flip video camcorder to the TV?

Your FLiP Should Come With A Cable. Connect It To Your Flip( The Plug That Reads: TV), And The Red, Yellow, White End To Your TV. The Flip Screen Should Go Black. The Flip Is Not Off. Still Use The Left-Right, Zoom In-Zoom Out, And Play Buttons During And While Selecting Your Video.

Are flip video cameras good for tweens?

\nYes! they fit in your pocket and you can choose cool colors. They record up to 30 minutes of video. Perfect for sleepovers/birthday partys.

What is a flip video camera?

a Flip Digital Video Camera is one of the best cameras of 2009-2010. You are able to record videos and shoot it straight to YouTube. :]

How can you add music to your flip video?

you have to go on movie mix, then you see right bye make mix there are boxes above it you have to click on one of those then u make a mix.

What is pausing?

Pausing is when your tamagotchi does not grow or get hungry. This can delay evolving, so I only recommend it for serious purposes. Push A and B together to pause in versions 1,2,3,4,4.5,and 6. For version 5, use the travel show! Hope it helped!

What do you do if your flip video freezes?

First, try holding down the power button on the side for 10 seconds. If that doesn't work, take a piece of lead from a mechanical pencil (or something else like that) and look on the bottom. Inside the little silver thing that you use to put it on a tripod, there's a tiny black button. Press that wi ( Full Answer )

How do you pause cyberlink youcam during the video?

Unfortuntely you can't pause it because Cyberlink You cam doesn't have a pause feature. That's one of its biggest drawbacks. Al it will do is allow you to stop and start a new video.

How do you download a video sent from Flip Video?

I use Ant Video Downloader to download from any streaming sites. To download and install Ant Video Downloader, use internet explorer or firefox. Go to the page where the video is playing. Click the Download Button when video is buffering. Close the page or search another video. When the download com ( Full Answer )

Can you print an image from a paused video on Youtube?

No you cant - its true this answer but you can do it by another way : first , print the screen (while the site opened ) by press ( fn + prt sc) second , go to the power point program and paste it third , save the picture by click right on the picture and ( save as picture ) * chose the the ( Full Answer )

How do you pause a video on a mac book?

You can press pause or, in most applications such as iTunes or QuickTime, pressing the Space bar will toggle the video between playing and pausing.

How do you forward a flip video to email?

You would select to "Attach" a file to the email. Where the Attachfunction is located on the Menu Bar would depend on the EmailProgram that you are using, but it probably is simply labeled as'Attachment'.

How do you combine flip videos?

Flip video converter can help you. For mac: For windows: How_to_edit_flip_video_with_Mac_Flip_Converter_on_Mac_OSX?"> How to edit flip video with Mac Flip Converter on Mac OSX? Flip Vid ( Full Answer )

How do you charge a flip video camera?

The battery in a Flip video camera is recharged via the USB connection while it is plugged into the computer - and the computer is switched on.

Can you put flip videos on a PSP?

With Flip video to psp converter, you can put flip videos on psp. Flip Video Converter is made for converting flip video to iPod on mac and other portable devices.It is a versatile converter, and can easily transfer your flip video to other electrical devices, which is the exact need of most cus ( Full Answer )

Why does video pause and stop on your laptop?

It's probably because you didn't let the video buffer. Leave it paused for a couple minutes then come back to it and it in theory shouldn't be stopping every couple seconds.

Can you use a flip video camera as a camera?

The software that comes with the Flip video camera has a Snap button that allows you to capture a still image from the video file. The camera itself does not take still pictures.

Do you put batteries in a flip video camera?

The latest Flip cameras can use battery packs or 2 AA batteries. Slide the lock for the battery compartment on the bottom of the camera to the unlocked position. The panel should then slide down and lift off allowing access to the battery compartment for replacing the batteries.

While recording a video on the iPhone 4 can you pause it?

No, you can not pause or zoom during the time of recording on the iPhone 4. The only thing you can do is download application such as Qik or other recording in the appstore which they have feature such pause or zoom.

Can a flip camera pause while videoing?

lol... videoing. No unfortunatly you can't pause while recording on any flip camera, which i personally think is retarted. But you can get all of your videos, save them onto your computer, and put them into vegas, after effects, whatever video editing software you use, and put all your videos toget ( Full Answer )

Can you pause the video on the iphone 4?

Depends on what video you're talking about. When a video starts playing (any video, from your iPod, YouTube, Camera, etc.), the controls disappear so they don't obscure the video. To see them, simply tap the screen once. After a few seconds, they will again disappear. If you see them and want the ( Full Answer )

Why is a flip video camera called a flip?

Because they have USB plugs that "flip" out from the camera and allow you to connect it directly to a PC. Also, the first flip camera was produced by Pure Digital Technologies, and was called the Flip Video.

How do you pause when recording a video on the iPod Touch?

I really have no clue how. I tried to find out but can't. Here are some other ways. . Put your videos on your computer and edit them together. . Some people say theres a built in editor in you ipod touch (i can't find it but it may be an app) Thats all i have so good luck.

Does the flip video record in 3D?

The Flip HD does not record in 3d. BUT: you can click right here and do a faux 3d thing.

How do you get a flip video camera?

Flip video cameras are no longer being produced. You may find one still available in a store otherwise a secondhand one will be the only option.

How do you pause a Flip video camera while recording?

You click the small little red button that you clicked to start the video Sincere Apologies if this hasn't helped but On the bright side I hoped this blog has helped . :D GoodLuck.

How do you put flip videos on your ipod touch?

Well, it's quite simple. Open documents and iTunes (restore down documents). (Also, if you have Flip Share, open it.) Flip Share Instructions . Find the video you would like to export. . Click on the link that says : "Export to..." . All of the folders you have in your computer should show ( Full Answer )

What are the best flip video cameras?

There are several well-reviewed pocket-size video cameras. These flip video cameras include: Creative Vado HD - Third Generation, Kodak Playsport Zx3, Cisco Flip Ultra HD, and Flip Video SlideHD.

What are the benefits of using Flip Video?

Benefits of using Flip Video are portability of the Flip Video. Given the size and weight, this makes the Flip Video extremely easy to take around since it is relatively light weight. Other benefits include the price component and saving time.