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yes they can play gb games they can play gba games they can play gba sp games

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โˆ™ 2012-12-07 01:21:59
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Q: Does the gba sp play gba games?
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Can you play GBA SP games on DSi?

No, the DSi cannot play GameBoy Advanced SP games.

Can you play ONLY gameboy advance SP games on a Game Boy Advance SP?

There is no such thing as a GBA 'SP Game', as in, games designed to either work differently, or work only on a GBA SP. All GBA games will work on all GBA consoles of any kind, be they the original GBA, the SP, the SP+, the Micro, and even slot-2 of the DS and DS lite. You can also play GBC games on a GBA. I believe the Micro cannot, and the DS cannot either.

Is sonic adventure 2 on Game Boy Advance s p?

There are no specific games for the GBA SP to my knowledge, it just plays GBA games, so if you have a GBA SP and Sonic Adventure 2 for the GBA you can play it.

Can the gba sp play the gb color games?


What is a better game a gba or a PSP?

gba beacause it has abunch of mario,pokemon,and zelda games + you can play gbc and gb games on a gba console. ps i recomend gba sp :)

Can the 3DS play Game Boy Advance sp games?

You only play GBA games if you are the 3DS Ambassador.

Can a gameboy SP game work on Nintendo DSi?

No, the DSi does not have a GBA port and so can't play GBA games.

Where can you find an action replay for sp?

The Action Replay for the SP is just the GBA Action Replay. Since it has GBA and the SP is for the GBA games manly.

Can you play Game Boy Advance game in a Game Boy Advance sp?

Yes, you can play Gameboy Advance Games on a Gameboy Advance SP. As the SP is just a upgrade on the original GBA.

Can gba sp games be played on the old gba?

Yes, it can considering that the GBA SP is just a newer version of the GBA, just like the NDS and NDS lite.

Can you play Game Boy Advance SP games in a Nintendo DS Lite?

There are no 'SP' specific games, all Gameboy Advance games are the same, and yes, they will work in a DS Lite, that is the whole point of Slot-2, to play GBA games.

Do Game Boy Color games work on the gameboy advance SP?

Yes, they will, the GBA is backwards compatible and will play GBC games.

Can the Game Boy play ds games?

No, the games are very different, but it can work the other way around. A Game Boy Advance (GBA) game fits in the Game Boy Advance, GBA SP, Nintendo DS, and DS Lite, meaning the DS can play GBA games.

Why my your Pokemon gold save on your gba sp?

I Believe this would be due to a corrupt cartridge, I have the Gen 1 and 2 Games and play with an SP and they save fine.

Can gameboy advance SP play Pokemon soulsilver?

No, you need any model of the DS/DSi. You cannot play DS games on a GBA.

Is the colour of Pokemon FireRed version better on an older gameboy than on an SP?

Ummm You DO know that you CAN NOT play Fire Red on anything but the DS and GBA RIGHT? So Since you can not PLAY Fire Red on anything older then a GBA and the SP is a better version of the GBA (IE it has a light on it) then the answer is no playing FR on A GBA is NOT better then playing on an SP. And anything older then the GBA just can't play it.

On a ds lite console will it play gba games and will the top screen be non functional and will the games always play on a single screen only?

the games play on which ever screen you set it to. the touch screen has no function when playing gba games. Proving::::: because when they makes any kind of GBA game, they will make game that for ONLY FOR GBA abvanced (or SP) or GBA color. Because ON GBA and GBA advanced don't have neither double screen (DS) nor touch pad(or screen ) which we call it "tablet".I know, so.... definetely no. You can's have or play GBA game on double screen ...... well you can change bottom or top which screen to play..

Can game boy games be played on a game boy advance sp?

Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games will all play on the original Gameboy Advance as well as the Gameboy Advance SP. (I work in a pre-played retro game store and I own a GBA SP and play GB games on it frequently)

Where to play Beyblade grevolution for PC?

you can play it on gba sp :D

What will you do to play gameboy advance sp games to Nintendo ds?

If you have a DS original or DS Lite, simply insert your GBA game into the bottom slot of your DS and then select 'Start GBA game' in the DS menu. If you have a DSi or 3DS then you can't play GBA games on these newer consoles any more.

Can the Nintendo DSi play Game Boy Advance sp games?

The DSi does not have a Slot-2 like the previous DS and DS lite models, and therefore cannot play GBA games.

Can a gbc play gba games?

No, but a GBA can play GBC games.

Can you play wirelessly with a Game Boy Advance sp?

There are GBA wireless adaptors, and certain games that utilize them (Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen for example).

Is there a Pokemon gold game for Nintendo gba sp?

The Normal Pokemon game will work the the GBA SP as it because the gba SP is just a GBA with a flip screen and brighter screen! The Normal Pokemon game will work the the GBA SP as it because the gba SP is just a GBA with a flip screen and brighter screen!

Can a 3DS play GBA Pokemon games?

No. The 3DS does not have a slot for GBA Cartridges and therefore cannot play GBA games.