Does the hood come with the exaust fan?

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The Broan Allure III QS336 36" Under Cabinet Range Hood is a canopy hood that goes above the stove. This type of hood has a ducted exhaust that will help ventilate the area.

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2009-09-28 20:29:19
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Q: Does the hood come with the exaust fan?
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Where is the oxygen sensor on a 1983 Camaro?

On the driverside exaust manifold under the hood

Why is my radiator fan not working on a 1995 Thunderbird?

your fan does not come on unless your car gets hot.if you lift your hood when you start your car the fan will not be running .but when your car gets to hot it will come on.or you may have a short in it.....check out

When driving I get an odor of burning rubber It isn't coming from under the hood but more through the vents What is that?

if u do alot of burnouts its pobably rubber stuck to your exaust if u do alot of burnouts its pobably rubber stuck to your exaust

97 ford contour gl cooling fan wont come on which relay is the one for the cooling fan?

They should be coded. On mine the relay is the green one under the hood.

Where is the oxygen sensor located on a 1998 ford escort?

In the exaust manifold. If you raise the hood and look down on the front of the engine, you will see the exaust manifold, and there will be a sensor screwed into the middle of that manifold. That is the O2 sensor. There is another sensor further down the exaust system that looks just like it that some people mistake for an O2 sensor, but that sensor is called a catalyst moniter. But the one you can see while standing in front of the car with the hood up is the O2 sensor.

What is the thing above the stove called?

a hood fan

Where is the bank 1 sensor 1 located in 2001 Lexus ES300 and how to replace it?

open the hood , its located infront of radiator feedingintothe exaust.

Where did hassan the moor in Robin Hood come from?

where did robin hood come from

Where is the radiator fan located in a eclipse?

Under the hood

Why does the fan immediately cut on when the ac is turned on in a 1998 Mitsubishi montero sport truck?

If you mean the fan under the hood, it's the cooling fan for the heat exchanger (the thing that looks like a littleradiator)on the A/C unit. It's suppsed to come on.

Where does outdoor pollution come from?

gas from the exaust of an engine, power plants and other factories and from sewer water.

Where is the recharging port for ac on 2000 silhouette?

Between the front exaust manifold and the radiator fan. ITS ALWAYS HOT IN THAT AREA SO WHERE GLOVES OR YOU WILL GET BURNT...

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