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Yes it's true, but there is an exception for the Arabic horses. They don't die when you cut their tail.

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What happen when the horse cut its tail?

As long as it is just the tail hair and not the tail bone, the horse will be fine. He won't be able to swat flies as well with a short tail but the use of fly repellent will help.

Can a shark grow its tail back when you cut it off?

No, the shark will die and not grown a new tail

How do you do the tail for a horse show?

Depends on how you ride. Dressage: a medium length with a clean cut. Hunter or jumper: Long tail, if mane is plaited braided.

Where do you cut off a scorpions stinger?

You cut the stinger off but do not cut the tail off or it will bleed to Death and will die so i do not recommend it.

Why aren't you allowed to cut a horses mane or tail?

Well you can cut the mane and tail, it just depends on the breed and how you're showing the horse. Cutting the mane will result in a horrible haircut though if not done right. Cutting the tail to trim up the bottom can make the tail look fuller.

What is the function of the horse tail?

The horse tail helps to keep away flies.

When did The Horse with the Flying Tail happen?

The Horse with the Flying Tail happened in 1959.

What is the duration of The Horse with the Flying Tail?

The duration of The Horse with the Flying Tail is 2880.0 seconds.

Does it hurt the horse to have burrs cut out its mane or tail?

If the burr is not close to skin or bone then it shouldn't hurt. However you may be able to remove the burr by using mane and tail detangler and working the burr out by hand, which would be kinder to the horse.

Where is the flank on a horse?

It is on the horse`s tail.

Do you have to cut the ears or tail?

I don't think it is absolutely necessary Our Schnauzer does not have her ears cut, but she does have her tail cut, so I don't know about that! If you want to show your Schnauzer then you do have to cut the ears and tail.

When was The Horse with the Flying Tail created?

The Horse with the Flying Tail was created on 1960-12-21.

What kind of tail does the Mogolian wild horse have?

The Mongolian Wild Horse (Also know as the Przewalski's horse and the Tahki.) has the same kind of tail as a domesticated horse has. There is a full covering of hair from the dock of the tail downwards.

What are the advantages of tail bandages for horses?

Tail bandages are very helpful if you have a horse that rubs his tail. Or if your horse has friends that like to chew his tail. They also protect in the horsetrailer where the tail can be damaged in the cramped quarters.

Has the horse curly tail?

no, generally a long straight tail

What was the name of the horse that has the longest tail?

Chinook, was an American quarter horse who grew a tail to be 22 feet long.

How does a horse use its tail to talk to humans?

A horse can use its tail to communicate with humans in many ways. For example, when a horse is experiencing pain or discomfort, it tucks its tail in tightly. However, a horse with colic may carry its tail at an unnaturally high angle away from its body. A horse swishes its tail from side to side violently when it is annoyed, whilst a particularly irritated animal may even swish it up and down, When the tail is carried high and the horse is prancing or cantering, it means the horse is in high spirits. General contentment is indicated by a tail in a relaxed state.

Does a Shorkie puppy's tail get cut?

A Shorkie adults tail only gets cut when it is frightened. A puppy does not.

Can cutting a horses tail stop it from jumping?

Technically, no. However, if the tail drags the ground, the horse could step on it and cause pain in the dock/tail area, causing great discomfort for the horse. The horse may buck/kick/rear/etc. The horse should NOT step on it's tail when it lands. If it does, you should trim the tail a 2-3 inches to ensure he doesn't step on it again. My tip: If the horse cuts, he shouldn't be jumping over obstacles. If you mean leaping to cut the cow off, then his mane/tail shouldn't be so long(long enough to reach the feet). It may look nice, but it just isn't practical, sorry to disappoint. I personally do hunter-jumper/pleasure English.

How many bones do horses have in their tail?

A horse has 9 bones in its tail

Does a horse tail have a bone in it?

Yes, it has tail bones near the top.

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