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Yes. The fork looks a bit different, but that's styling only.

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Q: Does the huffy Disney cars slider tricycle work like a regular huffy slider?
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What is the weight limit on the huffy green machine?

The tricycle called the Huffy Green Machine, produced by the company Huffy, are made for two age groups. There's the Green Machine Jr. which is intended for ages 5-8 years. Then there is the standard Green Machine, intended for ages 8 years and up. Being a tricycle, most children would probably grow out of the 8+ version within a few years. This would depend a lot on the child and what the child finds "cool".

Where to buy a huffy slider?

"Don't buy one. All huffy bikes are recycled peices of china's glory (junk) the steel or aluminum made by huffy hasn't been properly welded or prepared which makes the frames hazardous."Sounds like you don't own one or know much about these.I own seven of these and they are ridden extremely hard by me, my three sons, their buddies, my scout troop, the scouts at powwow each summer (about 700 of them at this four day event) plus the teens at the local skatepark plus, the ABA BMX Grandnationals for the last two years where they were ridden by 1500 people again over four days each time. I would say as somebody who owns and rides this product and has for 8 years now that these are pretty solid. I did manage to break two frames due to fatigue after 7 years of the described heavy use and abuse (read extreme use) but re welded them and they are back in action.Huffy contracts a manufacturer and has their name put on them- much the same as the bike company Giant manufactures frames for many competitor brands and then decals them with the customers brand name hence huffy doesn't manufacture but specifies the product details and then has it manufactured by various manufacturers. As for the Slider-some of the parts come from the same company's that brands like Haro, GT, and Redline spec there parts from. Oh yes- these brands are manufactured completely in Asia also.

Drift trike parts?

Madazz Trikes build hand make drift trikes to suit your needs, and supply Drift Trikes parts including upgrades for the Huffy Slider.

When was Huffy created?

Huffy was created in 1892.

How long do huffy slider wheels last?

It depends on what u do with it. If u slide on the steepest hills they will break on the first slide. If u slide on flat ground they will last much longer (3-7 days.) :) $$$$$$ :)

How to use huffy in a sentence?

Sick huffy bro! I want to jump it

Replacement parts for huffy green machine 2?

call huffy parts department 1800-872-2453

When was Skuffed Up My Huffy created?

Skuffed Up My Huffy was created on 2007-09-11.

How old is your huffy bicycles road side cruiser?

my huffy roadside cruiser is from the early sixtys

What are the Huffy good vibrations bicycle model years?

What are the huffy good vibrations model years

How much is a huffy model 185 electric push mower worth?

huffy eletric pushmower

Does Huffy currently own Frabill?

No. The current owners bought Frabill from Huffy about 25 years ago.