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no.iPhone 4S and below uses Micro Sim, and the iPhone 5 uses Nono Sim that is smaller.

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Q: Does the iPhone 4s sim card fit in the iPhone 5?
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Will the iPhone 4S work on reliance CDMA sim card?

No, You cannot use reliance CDMA sim card (or) any other CDMA card sim card on Apple iphone 4s. Any GSM Sim card will work on factory unlocked Apple iphone 4s but not CDMA sim ONLY IN INDIA.

Does the iPhone 4 sim card work in the iPhone 4S?

Yes, it does. Both iPhones use the micro SIM card.

Do iPhone 4s have a SIM card?

Yes, you can use a Micro Sim card. Contact your service provider more about this Sim card.

Can you use any sim card for the iPhone 4S?

Provided its a micro sim and the handset is not locked and the provider actually provides a service for the iPhone 4S then there should be no problem.

How do you track an iPhone 4 with an iPhone 4S?

You have to put a small tacking chip in the sim card and download an app on your 4s to track it

Can you use the SIM card from a Blackberry Torch and put it into the iPhone 4S?

You can do but you have to cut the sim because iPhone 4s only support micro sim so you have to cut the sim use of sim cutter market it's available

Where can I buy an iPhone 4S sim card?

You can get the sim card from all good reputable mobile phone stockists or order online

Can I put sim card in sim free version iPhone 4S?

Provided the handset is not locked to a network and it's a micro sim card you use, yes.

Is it possible to convert iphone 4s to dual sim?

N, it is not possible to convert the iPhone 4s to a dual sim.

Can you transfer a sim card from a samsung galaxy 4s mini to an iPhone?

no two differnt sim types do the resarch retard

Can an iPhone 4S fit an iPhone 4 case?

Yes, an iPhone 4S will fit an iPhone 4 case. iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 cases can be used interchangeably.

Will a iPhone 5 case fit a iPhone 4s?

No, the iPhone 5 is "taller" then the iPhone 4s, so it wont fit.

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