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No, assuming that by "chemical energy" you mean "chemical reaction." Toasters use resistance heaters (i.e. relatively thin wires carrying electricity) to impart radiation to the contents. This allows for almost infinite reuse.

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Q: Does the inside of a toaster have chemical energy?
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What electrical energy converted inside a toaster?

What is electrical energy converted to inside a toaster?A. thermal energy and lightB. nuclear energyC. chemical energyD. kinetic energy

Does the inside of a toaster have mechanical energy or chemical energy?

Mechanical. The conversion of electricity into heat.

What is the energy inside the toaster?

Electric energy

What is electrical energy converted to inside a toaster?

Inside a toaster, electrical energy is converted to heat (and a little bit of light) energy.

What form of energy of a inside of a toaster?

mechanical energy

What form of energy does a inside of a toaster have?

mechanical energy

In a toaster what kind of energy is used?

The inside of a toaster includes electrical energy (what runs the toaster), radiant/light energy (the light coming off of the coils), and thermal/heat energy (what cooks the food in the toaster).

What energy change does a toaster iron and hair dryer all have in common?

Chemical energy into electrical energy

What are the energy transformations in a toaster?

First, a toaster uses electrical energy. Then, it uses this electrical energy and the mechanical energy of you pushing on the lever to produce thermal energy, or heat, and sound as the object in the toaster pops up.

Where do plants get the chemical energy they need to grow?

in their food that has chemical energy inside.

What are the energy changes in bread toaster?

The thermal energy used to toast the bread changes to chemical energy

What type of energy is traveling to the toaster?

electric energy is found in a toaster