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For a laptop (or any computer) to receive signals from a satellite you must add a receiver card. This could be external (USB interface) or internal (PCMCIA for a laptop, PCI for a regular PC). The receiver card has to be fed signals from a satellite antenna or a satellite dish with amplifier converter, known as an LNB. You do not say what signal you want from the satellite. You can watch TV or download data using a satellite receiver card, for this you will need a subscription with a satellite ADSL provider, who will also offer you the card and the software.

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What is the difference between satellite tv service and cable Don't they all receive there signals from a satellite?

The difference between satellite tv service and cable is satellite tv offers more channels and are more expenisve. No, they don't receive their signals from a satellite.

Can apartments facing north receive satellite signals?


How does a satellite dish receive signal?

it receives it by signals

What a sateliite dish is for?

A Satellite Dish is used to receive and transmit signals which contains different information to or from the satellite.

How does a mobile phone send and receive signals?

Cord2) Antenna 3) Satellite

How does satellite dish receive its signals?

Via your foo foo valve on the back of your twiglet

Will a satellite dish receive a signal if its installed inside?

No; the wavelengths of the radio signals used for satellite TV reception are too short.

Do satellite dishes emit dangerous rays into a house?

No. Satellite dishes don't emit anything. They just receive the signals from the satellites.

Can you use an old satellite dish to receive digital TV signals?

yes, but it will have a limited number of channels

How do satellites and TV signals work?

Satellite TV Providers transmits the signals through their satellite dish converting it first from digital signals to analog signals. These signals which were converted will be transmitted to the satellite. The satellite will then transmit the analog signals per request of the satellite dish connected to the receiver of the subscriber. Once signals are received, it will be converted back to digital signals which can be read by the receiver and be displayed to the television.

What is the difference between laptop and satellite laptop?

Satellite Laptop is nothing but a brand name for a particular range of Toshiba laptops. So there is no difference between a laptop and a satellite laptop.

What is the function of a GPS receiver?

GPS receiver will be located at the centre of the satellite zones.....It will be synchronized with all satellites....Hence it can receive signals from any one of the satellite at a time....Remaining signals which are transmitted from other satellites are ignored..

Do satellite radio signals get rained out like satellite TV reception does?

Satellite radio signals are not affected by rain and weather.

Can you record on directv dvr without directv subscription?

No, service is needed in order for the satellite to send and receive signals.

What are three ways televisions can receive electronc signals?

Off air through your own antenna, cable and satellite.

Do TVs use satellites in space?

Some TV receivers, such as DirecTV and Dish Network, do receive signals beamed from satellites. If you see a dish-shaped antenna pointed up, that's a location that uses satellite TV. Even if your system does not receive direct satellite signals, many of the programs that you watch are most likely transmitted via satellite at some point in getting the program to you.

What is a Toshiba satellite laptop?

Satellite laptop is a product of Toshiba Company.Its Kind of brand Name.

Why do people who live near the north pole have trouble receiving signals from geostationary satellites?

A geo-stationary satellite is 35,560 km above the equator. If you're sitting at thenorth pole looking at that satellite, you're looking 8.6 degrees below your horizon.That's a tough direction to receive satellite signals from.

How do you convert a satellite dish to receive tv signals?

ask your mom, she goes to college and bangs people who ain't yo daddy!!!!!!!

How does satellite tv work?

to be able for the satellite tv to work you need the following equipments:satellite dishreceivertvsatellite dish gets the satellite analog signals from the satellites outside the world and is transmitted to the receiver. the receiver then converts this analog signals to digital signals then it is displayed to your tv.

Why does one need a TV tuner card for their laptop?

A TV Tuner Card enables your laptop to receive TV signals and watch live TV on your laptop. You can watch recorded and streamed programs without this card.

How does SIM card receive signals?

How does SIM card receive signals?

Why do people have satellite dishes?

Umm, to get satellite tv or other signals.

Did eygptians watch TV?

Egyptians, like the rest of the world, (Mexicans, Italians, Japanese, etc) receive over the air TV signals, satellite TV signals, and cable TV signals. So the answer to this astoundingly stupid question is YES!

What is Stationary orbital?

It is a satellite that is staying in one place and rotate with the globe it is always in site of a fixed antenna that one that you can receive your TV signals from