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only in seahorses x

and only in george! :L


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No. Not only does the male kangaroo not have a pouch, but the male has no part at all in raising the young joey.

no, men do not have the eternal parts to carry a baby fetus.

As far as I know only one, the seahorse

No. Pouches are only found on female marsupials, so only the female kangaroo carries the baby.

female, because she has to carry the baby, deal with morning sickness and deliver the baby while the male just sits there wondering about sports!

Yes. It's happened a few times. See Thomas Beatie's story.

the men seahorses carry the baby and they carry it in their pouch. men seahorses can carry up to 2,000 baby seahorses in their pouch.

it's priceless to carry your baby

A male is a buck, and a baby is a joey.

Male fish from the Syngnathidae carry their young. Human males do not have the anatomy to carry but a transgender female to male can be come pregnant.

yes she actually did carry her baby on her back

No. The female has the eggs, but she deposits them in a pouch on the male seahorse's belly where they are fertilized. The male carry the eggs until they hatch, after which the tiny seahorses are on their own.

you call a baby male pig a boar.

Male hamsters cannot give birth to a baby.

A baby boy is a male baby.

Female humans carry a baby for the average time of 9 months.

Because males carry both the X and Y chromosomes in their sperm, they are the deciding factor when it comes to the sex of the baby. Unlike females who only carry the X chromosome.

The mother seahorses that tried to carry the eggs were not competitive with the mother seahorses who deposited their eggs in the brood pouches of the male seahorses. The genes of the ones who had more offspring survived.

You call any baby deer a Fawn male or female.

Mother frogs carry there baby on there back when moving. Or, the frogs could be mating. When a male and female mate, the male locks in with the female for a short period of time, this is called amplexus.

The crossbreed of a male duck a baby dog and a male pig is a brave pig.

The male seahorse has the baby

Yes. Sperm carry either an X or a Y chromosome. The eggs from a female's ovaries is always X. If the sperm has an X chromosome, the baby will be female. If the sperm has a Y chromosome, the baby will be male.

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