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Does the mass of a rock depend on its size or shape?

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Size matters All things being equal, size matters. If you have a truck-sized hunk of, say, lead (Pb), it will have more mass than a peanut-sized piece of the same material. But if you have two dissimilar materials, then size can be deceiving. Because materials have different densities, a small object may actually be more massive (that is, it may weigh more) than a much larger object. Shape has nothing to do with mass or weight.


To summarise, Mass = Volume X Density.

2016-05-17 21:14:57
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What does the texture of an igneous rock depend on?

It depends on the size and the shape of composition

How fast does a rock have to go to break a window?

There is no single, simple answer to that. The required speed would also depend on the rock's mass, its shape, and both the thickness and size of the window.

What quality of a rock is based on size and shape?

The quality of a rock that is based on the shape and size is its texture.

Which is heavier an automobile or a pile of rocks the same size?

It would depend on what type of rock, and whether the rock was a replica of a car shape with interior spaces included or just a blob of rocks shaped to resemble the rough shape and size of a car.

What does the shape of a coast line depend on?

its depend on the size of it i looked in the dictionary

Does shape affect gravity?

Gravity doesn't depend on size and shape of objects, it depends on mass. Gravity is an invisible force which causes objects to move towards each other and gravity depends on the mass of the object.

The shape and the size of a toy balloons depend on the kind of gas inside?

The shape and the size of a toy balloons doesn't depend on the kind of gas inside.

What is the mass of a rock?

It depends on the size of the rock.

What is the unit and tool of a mass of rock?

i think its the size of the rock

What do stars have that depends on their size?

luminosity and temperature depend on their size but also on their mass

Does the density of a material depend on the size or shape of the object of which it is made?


Are qualities that are characteristic of any sample of a substance regardless of shape or size of the sample?

Chemical properties do not depend upon size or shape.

What shape is the conglomerate rock?

Conglomerate rock could be any shape or size, but the rocks contained within the conglomerate rock are rounded or smoothed.

Does the volume of gas depend on its mass?

It depends on the size of its container

What process changes the shape and size of rock?


The quality of a rock based on size and shape?


Is the quality of a rock based on size and shape?


What is the weight of a white tailed deer?

it would depend on the size and shape

Is the shape of a molecule important?

Yes. The shape (and size) of a molecule determines the physical and chemical properties of that substance. Biochemical reactions, for example, is greatly effected by size and shape of molecules. The senses also depend on molecule shape and size!

Where is the buyoant force on submerged rock the greatest?

depends on the size,shape and whieght of the rock

What size is 60 kilograms?

Kilogram is a unit of mass, not of size. An object with a mass of 60 kilograms can be just about any size, depending on its shape and density.

Do all objects fall at the same time?

no. eventhough the time doesnot depend on the mass of the bodies, the shape and size of the body cause different air resistance which resists the motion.

Critical mass depends on what?

The Purity && The Shape AND size density

Same size same shape?

Two shapes that are the same size and same shape are said to be congruent. They can still vary in mass.

A detrital rock is named according to what?

the shape and size of the sediments