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yes it dose

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Q: Does the mold spores kill the wetland?
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Does alcohol kill mold spores?

No it does not.

What can spores from mold do to you?

kill you! so don`t go near MOLD! signed | ian

Why do people have to move out of their house when it gets moldy?

People can get sick from mold spores. Mold can actually kill you.

How do you treat mold in a house?

You can kill mold with bleach. You should wear a mask so the mold spores don't get into your nose or mouth.

Where can you buy mold spores?

Where can you buy mold spores?.

Can you buy mold spores?

Where can you buy mold spores?.

What are mold spores?

Mold spores are tiny, lightweight reproductive cells produced by mold that can easily become airborne and spread to start new mold growth in other areas. They are resilient and can survive in various conditions, making them a common cause of indoor air quality issues and allergic reactions in susceptible individuals.

Does pine sol kill mold?

Pine-Sol can help inhibit the growth of mold due to its strong cleaning properties, but it may not necessarily kill all types of mold spores. For effective mold removal, it is recommended to use specific mold-killing products or a solution of bleach and water.

Does mold release spores?

Yes mold, like fungi, breeds with the release of spores into the air. Many mold spores are poisoness to humans and that is why you dont want it in your house. ;)

What is mold made out of?

Mold is made up of tiny fungus spores that can spread easily through the air. When these spores land in a damp or humid area, they can grow and form visible mold colonies. Mold also requires organic material, such as wood or paper, to feed on and thrive.

Would Windex kill mold?

Windex is not specifically formulated to kill mold. It may help clean a surface where mold is growing, but it will not fully eliminate the mold spores. It's best to use a mold-specific cleaner or a solution of water and bleach to effectively get rid of mold.

Does phosphoric acid kill mold?

Phosphoric acid is not typically used as a mold killer. While it can help remove mold stains and surface residue, it is not a strong fungicide and may not effectively kill mold spores. It is recommended to use specific mold-killing products for effective removal.