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Q: Does the moon's gravity cause waves and currents?
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What is wave and tide?

Well for those of u who must know, waves are ocean currents created by wind. Tides are ocean currents created from the push and the pull of the sun and the moons gravity.

How do currents work?

currents are effected by a lot of things one of them is the moon. The moons gravitational pulls the waves towards it causing waves to move

What are ocean currents and movement?

They are pulled from the gravity/force of the moon therefore creating waves and currents.

How the waves are made?

The moons gravity pulls the water and makes high tide and low tide

What is the cause of waves currents and tides?

the wind and shifting of the earth.

What causes tides but not waves and currents?

The gravity of the Sun and the Moon causes tides. Waves are caused by the wind. Currents have a variety of causes, but differential heating of different parts of the Earth by the Sun, modified by the coriolis effect of the turning Earth is the main one.

What wave doesn't need matter for energy transfer?

Electromagnetic waves; gravity waves.Electromagnetic waves; gravity waves.Electromagnetic waves; gravity waves.Electromagnetic waves; gravity waves.

What disturbing forces cause waves?

Gravity, Seismic Activity, and Wind

What affects do water waves and currents have on beaches?

waves and currents make the shore bigger

Can the waves crashing against the beach without any initiating event?

No. Waves are transferring energy from another source such as wind, boats, animals (fish, human ect) currents, Gravity ( Tides).

How does the moon cause tides on earth the most widely accepted model of the solar system is what?

Yes, the moons gravity pulls slightly on the earths hydrosphere. After a full moon you may notice that the oceans waves are distorted moving in several directions.

What does the moon cause on the earth?

it's gravity disturbs the oceans. can cause giant waves.