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My last name is Hafey and my ancestors come from an Irish background. They came from Ireland, into Canada, and then into Maine.

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Where does the name Mannix come from?

It is of Irish / Gaelic heritage

What is the name of the group promoting Irish heritage?

Celtic Women

What does the name Lindsey mean in Irish?

It is not an Irish name, but it is of Old English heritage, meaning "marsh or island of linden trees".

What is Jennette mcCurdy's heritage?

The name McCurdy is of Scots/Irish origin, other than that she has not made any public annoucement of her heritage.

What is john Lennon's ethnic background?

British but also of Irish heritage- if you purchase the re-release of Walls and Bridges that Yoko has remixed you will see the Irish heritage of the last name Lennon. So he was mostly British but of Irish heritage. Source: Sleeve cover of Walls and Bridges re-release 2010 for John's 70th Birthday. Awesome CD Jill Izzo

Does Sinead Michael have any middle names or any Irish heritage?

Her middle name is Zara :) and her twitter is @bieber4ever_xox

What is Ashley Greene's ethnicity?

First question will ask is why do you care?She is American and she is White. Why does a country of origin matter?Clearly her heritage is from Europe. What part? who cares? she is american.If you really really want to know..she is Irish. The last name 'Greene' is of irish heritage.No.

Is jenna dewan Albanian?

The last name Dewan is of Irish origins and the last name even has a Coat of Arms in Irish history. The name Dawan or Dewan wound up with various extractions, ie; Duane, Dwane, Davin, Dewyne..etc.. Seems clear from the Coat of Arms that her father had much Irish heritage and I heard he also played for Norte Dame. And I think her mothers last name was Busch or something which would be maybe of German heritage. She looks Irish to me.

Is Landsaw an Irish name?

No, it is not an Irish name.

What is the Irish translation for name Cayden?

The name is not a traditional Irish name and has no historical Irish spelling.

What is the Irish dance name?

the Irish dance name is Irish step dance

What is the Irish for the name Amy?

There is no Irish version of the name.

Is shannon an Irish name?

Shannon is an Irish name.

Is Irish a saint's name?

No, Irish is not the name of a saint.

Is kiara a Irish name?

Yes!it is a Irish name my name is kiara I love it I like being part Irish too so yea kiara is a Irish name

How do you spell the girl's name Grace in Irish?

Gráinne is used as an equilvalent to Grace though there's no connection between the two names historically

Is Ryan an Irish name?

yes my name is Ryan and it is an Irish name.

Where was Angel Boy video by Tim McGraw filmed?

It is almost certainly filmed in the North of Ireland (Northern Ireland probably in County Antrim. Tim has stated that he is from Scotch/Irish decent so it seems reasonable that he would pick that part of Ireland where his ancestors have their roots. However, if Tim actually investigated his name and heritage further he would realise that his name is a derivation of the Irish name McGrath (pronounced in parts of Ulster as "McGraw" by the Native Irish) and is 100% Irish. When settlers from Ireland arrived in America they often tried to disguise their native heritage and claim to be from the more affluent Scots/Irish background because the native Irish were poor and carried small pox to America due to unsanitary conditions aboard their cross-atlantic ships- something not experienced as much by the wealthy Scots/Irish. Hence his misconception that he is from Scotch/Irish roots when in fact he is from native Irish roots (at least as far as his "McGraw" side is concerned.

Is Steele An Irish Name?

No, Steele is not an Irish name. Steele is more Italian than Irish.

What is the birth name of Irish McCalla?

Irish McCalla's birth name is McCalla, Irish Elizabeth.

Is the name Bryson Irish?

Yes, Bryson is an Irish name. It is uncommon, but still a nice name for Irish people! It is a great name for males.

How do you pronounce Irish name Roisha?

Roisha is not an Irish name.

Is Lovins an Irish name?

No becoseIrish people do not have that name.

What is Irish for the name Heather?

The name Heather has no Irish translation.

Is McClendon an Irish name?

Yes, McClendon is an Irish name. :)