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Ignika, the mask of life, will be once again featured on the "Mata Nui" 2009 summer canister set, however it has been modified into a "helmet" in order for it to fit on the new 2009 heads. In the 2009 UK Toyfair, the mask appeared in yellow, however there are rumors that it might be released in gold instead.

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Q: Does the new lego bionicle mata nui have the mask of life?
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Is bionicle mata nui's element life?

Yes, even though he was not a Toa his element was life because he had control over the mask of life.

What does mata nui as a bionicle look like?

First of all, I'd like to point out that Mata Nui is never a "bionicle," but is a bio-mechanical being. "Bionicle" is a portmanteau of the words "Biological" "Chronicles;" Mata Nui is certainly not a story, but a being! ;DAnyway, Mata Nui has been seen in three forms - as a "great spirit" in the MU, as a mask (when sealed in the Ignika), and as a "toa" in Bara Magna. Pictures can be found here -

Which is the strongest bionicle?

Since the BIONICLE Titans may think to people as well as a favorite set. Or the best one may be an opinion, right? The best sets are the ones with more pieces, such as the master accessory kit, Mahri Nui Deep Sea collection, and more.

What is the Gold bionicle's name not mata nui the gold bionicle who fought makuta?

The "Gold" bionicle's name was Takanuva, the Toa of light.

Why discontinue bionicle?

im sorry to say but you are wrong! bionicle did not end! greg farshtey the writer of bionicle has announced that Lego hero factory is not a new series of Lego, but a different name for bionicle! greg farshtey also said that Lego hero factory will and does have the same technic pieces for bionicle so im proud to say it loud and clear! BIONICLE IS BEST! bionicle,hero factory? same to me!

When did bionicle start?

Bionicle was started in Spring/Summer 2001 with the release of the Toa Mata, Rahi, and Turaga.

Bionicle arena what is the code to unlock mata nui?


How did mata nui come to life?

Well the Toa Mata were inside Kadra Nui, and when the mask of life was placed inside the Codex, Mata Nui awoke. This is because Kadra Nui is actually the power output for Mata Nui, his "heart." He woke because the mask was made to regenerate his life force, and you should know that he was dying. For more visit

Bionicle Legends 11?

Bionicle Legends 11 is called The Final Battle, originally called "Mata Nui Rising." It was released in October '08 and is the final installment in the Legends series. The cover shows Pohatu Nuva flying through Karda Nui, and you can see a sillhouette of Tahu right below the LEG in LEGENDS. There is a picture of the mask of life in the background.

Are there great beings bionicle toys?

No, any Mata Nui set is as close as you can get.

Is the bionicle movie about mistika and phantoka?

The upcoming 2009 BIONICLE movie will not be about the Mistika and the Phantoka, nor will they be in the movie at all. BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn will focus on the character Mata Nui, and will tell the second half of the 2009 story line. When Mata Nui, who has been trapped inside the Mask of Life and flung from his universe, lands on the planet of Bara Magna, he uses the power of the mask to create a new body for himself. While attempting to find a way off the planet and back to his body, he finds himself in battle at Arena Magna. After winning a battle in the arena, Mata Nui is asked by the Agori to fight their enemy Skrall and the Bone Hunters. A teaser trailer of this movie was handed out on a USB flash drive to those at the 2009 Toy Fair in New York City. A copy of this trailer can be viewed on YouTube: http:/

Ho is the trader in bionicle the legend reborn and what happens to him or her?

the trader in the new bionicle movie is Metus and Mata Nui holds him by the fist and turns him into a snake.