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I was told by someone that when cooking chicken for soup stock, etc. that the meat should be cooked until the bones are soft which takes hours of simmering. My thought on this was that the entire nutritional content of the meat would be destroyed. I feel that cooking for this length of time may make flavorful stock, but what is left? This is one of the reasons behind me asking the question, "Does the nutritional content of food change when cooked?" I would like some expert advise for both me and my friend. Thank you, Loma Vazar

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Q: Does the nutritional content of food change when cooked?
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What are the disadvantages of using frozen food products?

It'll have to be thawed before it can be cooked. Taste and texture change a bit when it's been frozen. Even nutritional value can change a little.

How long will cooked sweet potato last once cooked?

Canned food retains its safety and nutritional value well beyond two years, but it may have some variation in quality, such as a change of color and texture.

How does time or season of harvest affect the chemistry and nutritional content of food?

Foods are more nutritional when the season of harvest is seasonally correct. When a food is purchased out of season it loses flavor, and is most likely not a local food.

How do you design a health food announcement?

The announcement should contain pictures of the food. It should also contain information about the nutritional content of the food.

What is better raw or cooked food?

Raw food in many cases is superior to cooked food for nutrient reasons. Research shows that the heating process of cooked food lessens its nutritional value. Of course, you would never eat raw meat or raw chicken, though, so the rules only apply to produce.

Is every food food?

That's a matter of definition. If you define food as something you can eat (something you can ingest that won't do you harm), then yes. If you start to talk about nutritional content, not everything we eat has nutritional content.And what is food for one creature is not necessarily food for another. We are surrounded by organisms that can ingest (eat) and digest (process) things we can't. Unless we're vegetarians, we eat some of those guys, and that way we take in the nutritional content that they ingested without eating it directly ourselves.

What is the meaning of food and applied nutrition?

Applied nutrition focuses on increasing food nutritional quality, primary prevention, surveillance, and nutritional epidemiology, as well as providing reference values and standards for healthy eating, dietary education, and group catering for the healthy population.

The chemical change taking place when food is cooked is?


What is a good type of food that changes state when cooked?

There are many good types of food that will change their state when they are cooked. For example, When cake batter is cooked, it turns into a cake. When a potato is cooked, the inside gets softer.

Would burning toast make it unhealthy?

By burning the toast, or any other food, you are definitely reducing its nutritional value. As far as carcinogens, there are some in every cooked food.

Nutritional elements of food hangARoo game?

Nutritional elements of food

What is the basic nutritional content in artificial food coloring?

There really isn't much. It's just a bunch of salts dissolved in water.