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My Uncle had to pay child support for his daughter until she graduated from college. She has a masters degree. Well, he had to keep paying, but the money did not go to her mom, it went to his daughter. She lived off and on with her mom. * It depends upon the terms of the child support order. The order itself will not stipulate that the parent has to continue to pay for higher education but it will designate the age at which child support ends. Other than there being a standing support order parents have no legal obligation to pay for their children's education after they have reached the state's age of majority.

2006-09-08 12:50:13
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Does the obligated parent have to continue paying child support when the child reaches 18 and continues their education if the child support order states child support will end at age 18?

See link for applicable state laws in this regard, but unless the order is changed, it should apply.

Can child support continue if a child is 21 and in college?

Often a support order will address such issues as whether or not support should continue while the "child' continues his or her education even if said person has reached the age of majority. However, such support has to be reasonably based. This means that the obligated parent will not have to support an adult child if that person chooses to be a professional student. In most cases the court will allow child support to cease when the child reaches the legal age regardless of his or her educational status.

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Does child support stop when the child reaches 18 years of age?

In some instances, yes but in most states it may be required to continue until the child reaches 21 or may continue as long as the child is in school including college.

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Can the mother of an unmarried 17 year old with a child continue to collect child support if the child is not in school?

Yes, until the child reaches the age of 18. However if your child continues school, you get child support until the age of 21 or until he/she is no longer enrolled and attending school.

Can you stop paying child support when your child turns 18?

Child Support usually stops when the child reaches the age of majority, which can vary from country to country. However sometimes payments will continue if the child goes into further full-time education.

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Does obligated parent continue paying child support after child reaches age of 18 in the state of Missouri?

The age of majority for Missouri is 18, therefore the non custodial parent is relieved of support obligations unless the support order states otherwise. The best option is to contact the attorney who handled the support case or the state's child support enforcement agency.

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Can child support continue after a child reaches the age of majority if he enrols in college?

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