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Does he flirt with you, talk to you everyday, know things about you that you don't tell to just anyone, does he tell you stuff about himself? If so, YES(!), he DOES!

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What was this person like?

what was this person like ?

What was Robin Hood like a person?

Yes. He wasn't like a person, he was a person.

How is every person like no other person like all other person like some other person?

There genes are all different

What do you do if you like a person but that person has a lot of friends?

Tell the person you like them when they're not with a group of people,

Did you say you like me?

it depends on what person you like. if the person you like dont like you what else your going to do about it? nothing

What do you do if a person doesn't like you?

Not everyone can like each person. If a person does not like you, you can stay away from them. Another option is to prove to them that they are wrong about you.

What does pulling a person mean?

Don't know If you mean like pulling the person to like you back but the person really don't like you?

How many people do you like?

you can really like only 1 person because if you like 2 you will just use the other person(i like 1 person)

How is every person like all other person like some other person like no other person?

Every person is like every person because we're all part of the human race. Every person is like some other people because we all have a cultural background where we have similar beliefs, values, ethics, knowledge, attitudes, or any combination of these traits. and every person is like no other person because we are all unique individuals.

What do you do if you like someone but they like someone else?

If you really "like" the person and you know you they "like". Look for the qualities that make the person you "like" enjoys the most in the other person. If you don't know; move on.

What movie is this line from never leave the person you love for the person you like bc the person you like will leave you for the person who they love?

try goog'ling it

How do you get someone to think you dont like a person?

tell him/her you dont like that person

What should i do if i like someone who like a different person?

You could ask the person out or you could forget the person and move on.

Does Keyshia Cole smoke?

no she doesn't she is a beautiful person to smoke like that no she doesn't she is a beautiful person to smoke like that no she doesn't she is a beautiful person to smoke like that

Should you play hard to get?

If you like this person but want this person to chase you a bit(as long as you know you like this person, and he/she likes you back), then sure. But if you don't like this person, don't do it, it'll lead the person on and it won't turn out good.

How to make a chemistry school project on crystal lattice?

== == ---- like a person ---- == == ---- == == == == ---- == == == == ---- == == == == ---- == == == == ---- == == == == ---- == == == == ---- == == == == ---- == == == == ---- == == == == ---- == == == == ---- == == == == ---- like a person ---- == == ---- == == == == ---- == == == == ---- == == == == ---- == == == == ---- == == == == ---- == == == == ---- == == == == ---- == == == == ---- == == == == ---- == == == == ---- == ==

What is does the typical Australian look like?

um well it looks like a person and a person

Is this sentence grammatically correct 'I like the kind of person you are'?

I like the kind of person you are.

If someone asks the person you like if they like you and then the person you like gets angry and says that they would bash the person that said that. Can that mean that he likes me?

yeah............he hates you

Do you like Macbeth do you like Macbeth?

Do you mean Macbeth the person or Macbeth the play? Because it is possible to like the play and not like the person much.

What is Justin Bieber like in person?

Justin Beiber is very kind, not like a stuck up person or anything like that.

What do you do if somebody likes you but you like somebody else and they like you but you want to stay friends with the first person?

Well tell the first person that you like him/her as a friend not as a GF/BF but nicely so you don't lose that person and tell the person that you like that you like him/her back and that will start the relasion ship.

What do like about a person you like most?

whatever you want to like about them! nobody's perfect, but if you rely like the person than u shud be able to accept (but not always like) the gud and the bad about tht person. they are who they are! Hope i cud help

What is a barbarous person like?

a mean horrible person

What is dislikes of a person?

This means things that a person does not like.