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No, the phases of Moon don't change.

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Yes the moon does change shape. That is why phases of the moon happen. If you did not know, but phases means changes. So phases of the moon is changes of the moon.

the phases of the moon change it

Because it goes around the earth every day that is why the phases of the moon change.

yes, the moon phases change every day. as long as the moon keeps orbiting earth, that will happen.

the moon changes everyday

The waxing and waning of the moon, or "moon phases".

The phases of the moon are The phases of the moon appear to change because the earth rotates on it's axis and the moon orbits the earth. The sunlight hits a different part of the moon that is visible to us. Half of the moon is always lit up, you just can't always see it.

from the earth you see the moon's phases. From the moon, you see the earth's phases that are same as the moon's phases

Lunar phases lasts about 3 1/2 days. The moon doesn't change phases fast enough to change on a nightly basis. It takes several days.

The phases of the moon refer to the amount of sunlight hitting the moon, as seen from the Earth. That wouldn't change if the moon revolved around the Earth the other way.

The thing that is going on with the 8 phases of the moon is that they change because the amout of sun light that is being reflected of off of the moon reflects on the moon.

The moon does not change shapes. The shadow of the earth on the moon changes how much of it you can see.Another viewpoint: I think this question is about the "phases" of the Moon.The Moon only appears to change shape during its different phases.Exactly one half of the Moon is in sunlight at any time. The phases occur because the Moon orbits Earth. That causes us to see different amounts of the sunlit Moon, and so its shape seems to change.

humidity does not change the season the phases of the moon does

This question is not answerable as phases of the moon change every week.

No - the moon itself stays the same shape. The phases of the moon change as the earth and moon orbit round the sun. The phases are simply the amount of sunlight reflected in relation to the position of the earth's shadow cast on the moon

It is important to know the phases of the moon, because if some one is asking you about the phases of the moon you can answer him\ her. And also you can share it to your friends,classmates,playmates,siblings, and many more.

print out a calender and go outside every night and chart the moon for a month. then you would have seen the all the moon phases!

The moon does not interact with the phases. All the phases really are are the reflection of sunlight off of the moon to Earth. So, the phases and the moon do not interact at all.

the way the sun light hits it during the rotation of the moon

There are 25 phases in the moon.

the moon has four phases

The phases of the moon are due to the reflection of sunlight.

The moon changes phases as it orbits the Earth. The phase is due to the varying shadow that the Earth casts on the surface of the moon. When the Earth completely blocks the Sun, it is a new moon.

If you mean the Moon phases, it doesn't, really change its shape. What changes is what part of the Moon is bright.

the phases of the moon are created when the sun relfects light on the moon and shines on earth

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