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In the poem "I Hear America Singing" by Walt Whitman, the reader envisions a country of people working for the greater good of mankind. These people come together as part of the whole society developing industry and production. Each person has a different occupation, but each Special:Wysiwygis important to the bigger picture. The bigger picture and theme being that of a country in which everyone is working together to create a successful and harmonious civilization.

When the title of the poem is first read, you imagine that America as a country is singing. But Whitman does not mean that at all. Beyond the literal, he means that all of the people of America working in their different occupations don't actually sing the same song, but by coming together with their work, and working together for the whole of the country, these people are creating and developing the industry of America. To Whitman, this is like everyone is singing together in a Special:Wysiwygsong.

Whitman also uses nouns that denote labor and industry such as: mechanics, mason, work, deckhand, shoemaker, hatter, woodcutter, ploughboy, and mother. These words conjure images of the working class society. This is the majority of Americans. These people are the ones contributing to America with their productive labor.

The mechanics keep the engines of the cars, boats, and machines in factories running operatively. The mason, deckhand, shoemaker, hatter, woodcutter, and ploughboy each play a vital role in their occupation. Each person is important to society. Each person is needed for the various trades that make the country run smoothly. Without a skilled person in every job needed, the other fields may suffer. Whitman is expressing that each person is important.

The verbs used in this poem are deliberate and indicates action, keeping the poem moving in such a pace that the reader is compelled to feel as if he or she is going through the workday with each laborer. Verbs such as measures, makes, sits, stands, sewing, and washing invokes moving pictures of people performing their different Special:Wysiwygand each of the actions they take during their day.

Phrases such as "blithe and strong," "delicious singing," and "strong, melodious songs" appeals to the imagination with the strength of men intermingled with the beauty of song. Whitman is articulating his view of America as a group of strong people, both men and women, yet both of these groups are beautiful for the work they perform.

Whitman's attitude toward Americans is uplifting and positive. He exalts Americans and the hard labor they perform and sees it as a promising land where each person is unique, but united "Each singing what belongs to [her] and to none else" ( line 8). Whitman praises the work Special:Wysiwygand ethics of the American people. He depicts a country of people who work hard, yet through the hard work, they enjoy the fruits of their labors "The day what belongs to the day At night, the party of young fellows, robust, friendly" ( line 9 ).

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Q: Does the poem i hear America singing represent a particular form?
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