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No. Polar bears eat seals, they tend to leave arctic foxes alone.

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2013-11-22 15:49:19
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the oceans surrounding the north polar and south polar regions respectively. 

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Q: Does the polar bear eat an Arctic fox?
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Will a polar bear eat an Arctic fox?

A polar bear will eat anything that it catches, including foxes.

Is there commensalism between a polar bear and an arctic fox?

Yup, the arctic fox follows around the polar bear, and eats the scraps the polar bear left behind. However, if the arctic fox annoys the polar bear, the bear will chase it off

What does the Arctic fox feed on?

the arctic fox will eat lemmings, birds, and when food is scarce it will follow polar bear tracks and eat the leftover carcase.

What is the difference between an Arctic fox and a polar bear?

The arctic fox is in the family Canidae, whereas the polar bear is in the family Ursidae.

Which of these animals is a scavenger - polar bear Arctic fox muskox wolf caribou?

The polar bear, the Arctic fox and the wolf will scavenge at times.

Do Arctic foxes eat polar bears?

An artic fox would not stand any chance about a polar bear but as it is a scavenger it would probably eat a polar bear which was already dead.Polar bears are not a food item for the arctic fox, but arctic foxes will scavenge carcasses, such as seals, etc., and if a dead polar bear is found, the fox probably won't hesitate to get a quick meal. Arctic foxes mainly eat rodents, eggs, and birds.

Do polar bears eat the arctic fox and do the arctic fox eat the arctic hare?

Polar bears don't eat Arctic foxes, but Arctic foxes do eat Arctic hares.

Which Arctic animal has the warmest fur - the Arctic fox the polar bear or the Arctic wolverine?

pollar bear

If an Arctic fox is prey to a polar bear then why do Arctic foxes sometimes become friends with them?

an arctic fox isn't prey for a polar bear [also i do not think that foxes become friends with polar bears

What would eat an Arctic fox?

Polar bears would eat an arctic fox.

What are the consumers of a tundra?

The polar bear and arctic fox.

How dangerous is the Arctic fox?

Not as dangerous as a Polar Bear.

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