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While a good receiver is important, the subwoofer is really in control of sound quality.

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Q: Does the quality of my receiver affect the sound quality of my car's subwoofer?
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I have a stereo receiver with four channel speakers and a subwoofer is there a way I can have the two front channels as regular sound speakers and the two rear channels as surround affect speakers?

If the receiver is just stereo, not surround sound, you will not be able to create a surround sound (front, centre, sub, surround) setup.

Why is it important to have the right subwoofer enclosure?

It is important to have the right sub woofer enclosure because different enclosures can affect the quality of the sound. Sealed boxes offer better sound quality but you will sacrifice volume. Ported boxes offer better volume, but the sound quality is not as good.

What are the benefits of installing a subwoofer in my sound system?

The benefits of installing a subwoofer to a sound system is it increases the quality of sound particularly the bass components of the music. It allows more ambience and depth to the music sound, and increases the ability for the sound to travel.

Does the Logitech X-540 5.1 speaker system come with a subwoofer?

The Logitech X-540 5.1 comes with a high excursion subwoofer that delivers exceptional sound quality.

Will 350 watt amplifier will support 1300 watt subwoofer?

yes but the sound quality aint good enough :)

How can you tell if my subwoofer is blown?

The subwoofer will sound like crap.

What is the top car stereo sub woofer?

I don't know which is the top subwoofer, but i prefer quality than brand. I love the good mix of sound quality.

What are two factors that affect sound quality?

Speed of Sound and frequency

Will you get 5.1 audio if you connect a sony DVD player to a 46 inch plasma tv with an HDMI cable and or coaxial cable?

No, you will need a surround sound receiver or amplifier with 5 speakers and a subwoofer to hear surround sound.

How clear is the sound?

Sound can be very clear, but it depends on the speaker and receiver. Quality systems, while expensive, can produce incredible clarity.

What are the best car audio systems?

Looking for the perfect subwoofer for your sound system, just go to and they have the perfect subwoofer for your sound system. Listen to your favorite music and movies with this subwoofer.

What factors affect the sound quality of a stereo?

Location of the Stereo, placement of the speakers, location of furniture in relation to the stereo speakers, and sound absorption materials in the room all affect the quality of sound from a stereo.