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Does the scent of the detergent affect the effectiveness?


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I wouldn't think so, unless of course, the detergent contains bleach and has a bleach smell.

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Sight and scent both affect taste.

sumayah is a detergent that causes irritation to the skin

Dreft, Ivory and most other scent free detergents.

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yes because detergent is poisious to most all living things

temperature and the amount of enzymes

Detergent washes the items you put into the washing machine. Fabric softener removes the static electricity from the clothes so they don't stick together. It usually adds a scent to the clothing as well.

Most laundry detergents that whiten have optical brightener agents added to them it increase their whitening effectiveness.

The ingredients of Surf powder detergents will vary depending on the scent of the detergent. For the Lavender and Spring Jasmine Surf powder detergent, the ingredients include: anionic and nonionic surfactants, enzymes, water softeners, fabric whitener, sodium perbonate, sodium silicate, and sodium sulfate.

Detergent is poisonous to most living things, so my answer is yes. From, Mozeco and CrimsonLightDude, Brother & Sister in VMK

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One effect of soap and detergent in hard water is it will not lather as well as it does in soft water. This can affect the way the soap or detergent cleans in hard water making them less effective.

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