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Yes especially the wings.

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Yes the shape of an airplane wing will affect the flight. Angles and shapes will always be a huge factor.

It affects the mass depending on the shape or the size of the paper airplane.

Yes, the shape affects whether or not it will loop, go straight. or........ dive to the groundyes, it helps the air streem and and makes it fly better.

It depends on how the paper how it is made . But in general yes it does

Not so much the shape of the nose that affects the flight of a paper plane, but the weight. If the weight of the plane isn't distributed properly the angle of attack is too small or to large making the plane nose dive or stall. Make sure there is weight in the center of gravity of your model.

The shape of a paper airplane impacts its performance characteristics, including its glide range.

The shape of airplane wings can be changed during flight by adding ailerons and flaps.

1) Size of rubber bands 2)Take off height 3)Shape of plane 4)Airplane weight

A paper airplane is affected by its shape in just about every way. Drag, efficiency and performance are all affected by the aircraft's shape.

The length of a wing will affect the flight motion. The shape of the wing is also another factor that affects the speed of the flight.

The more aerodynamic it is, the more air underneath the wings, the longer it will stay aloft. The longer it is airborne, the better chances it will fly further.

It can affect the lift that carries the plane through the air.

If you look at the shape of a Frisbee strait on it has the same shape as an airplane wing. It works on the same principle.

Yes. Wing shape affects flight. If the wing is more aerodynamic then a plane can fly more faster.

I am doing a science project on it, i will noww

Research shows that for a stunt paper airplane, smaller wings with forward-concentrated weight are optimal. For a glider, make a large wingspan and light, evenly balanced weight. Also, the wider the wings are the easier it will be to gain lift and the more narrower the wings are the harder it will be to stay in the air longer.

Yes, planes are effected by shape just like cars.

The material of a paper airplane matters. If it is too flimsy, the plane will not be able to keep its shape and will become just another piece of paper thrown in the air. If it is too heavy for its size, it will just fall down and not fly.

You simply fold the piece of paper into the most aerodynamic shape you can. Because there are literally 1000's of ways that you could make a paper plane this is very broad question.

The shape of an airplane

An airplane's fuselage affects it flight by a lot. It can change its speed, maneuverability, angle of attack, and even its necessary-for-flight wing size.

Of course it does. That's why fast-swimming fish are shaped the way they are. In fact an early airplane designer won a flight contest with a wing whose cross-section was designed by splitting a trout lengthwise and tracing its shape.

Paper airplanes can serve as testbeds for all sorts of experiments, such as those into glide ratio, wing shape efficency, and wing loading to name a few.

The airplane is flown by the shape it is in and how much weight, drag and thrust there is. The wind travels over and under the plane to main tain flight.

The shape of the wing affects every flying characteristic of the aircraft. A long, thin wing will help it fly further.

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