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Q: Does the sierra Nevada mountains get a lot of snow?
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Related questions

How did Nevada get its name?

When Utah and Nevada split the territory, the original territorial name of "Sierra Nevada" was shortened to the current name of Nevada, the Spanish word meaning "snowy range", " snow-capped" or "snow-clad." Even though Nevada is the driest state, explorers based its name on the prominent mountains, the Sierra Nevada range. They paid little attention to the weather in other remote parts of the state. Nevada is named after the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The word Nevada is of Spanish origin and means snow-covered or snowy. The mountains of Nevada get a lot of snow every year.

How many people visit the Sierra Nevada Mountains each year and why?

A lot

A place that has a lot of mountains and snow?

Colorado Rockies, Sierra Nevadas, China, the Alps, Greenland

What does En la Sierra Nevada mucho mean?

It means: A lot in the Sierra Nevada

Where did Ansel Adams take photographs?

Many of his photos are of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Yosemite National Park. His son is a medical doctor in Fresno, Ca and has a lot of his work up in his office. My favorite is the Valley floor covered in snow.

Are there more mountains east of the Mississippi river?

No, there are a lot more west of the Mississippi. The Rockies, Sierra Nevada, Cascade, and Bitterroot Ranges and numerous lesser ranges and mountains are west of the Mississippi.

Does the mountains of New Hampshire have snow?

Yes, a lot of snow year-round.

Does it snow more in the west then the east?

I believe so, because there is a lot of snow in the Rocky Mountains.

Does it snow in the Colorado Rocky Mountains?

Yes. It snows a lot.

Does it snow a lot in France?

In the mountains, yes. Near the sea, no.

Why do mountains have snow capped peaks?

Because it is near the sky and it is cold up there so they get lot's of snow.

What do you get from mountains?

A lot of our fresh water comes from from melting snow in the mountains. We also get some of our minerals from the mountains. Mountains are largely used for research or tourism.

Does Nevada have any blizzards?

Yes, Nevada has a lot of blizzards because of the snowy mountains that get anywhere from 30-70 inches of snowfall per year.

Does it snow in any french speaking countries?

Definitely. Canada gets a lot of snow in the winter. France and Switzerland also get snow, especially in the mountains.

What place is cold a lot of snow good skiing and high mountains?

The Alps.

What is the amount of snow in Norway each year?

Different from place to place. In north its a lot of snow every winter. In west there are fairly snow. However in the mountains in west there is snow from october-may

Does Alberta Canada get a lot of snow?

Absolutely, especially in the mountains and the more northern areas of the province.

Was there snow in Fresno Ca over Memorial Day?

No snow in Fresno, but the mountains did get snow. We just had a lot of rain. Snow doesn't happen very often in Fresno. I can remember 3 times in 50 years.

How much snoll fall in South America?

A lot of snow falls in the Andes mountains in South America.

How much does it snow in Switzerland on winter?

A lot. On the mountains it gets up to 3 meters, on Mont blanc it man even get up to 5 meters of snow.

Were does the water in streams and rivers come from?

The water comes from mountains that have snow on them that is melting or if there is a lot of rainfall it will run down the mountains and hills into the streams ir rivers.

What are the animals that live in mountains?

there a lot of animals here are some: moutain goats, pandas,ibex,pumas and snow leopards

Where are wild horses in the US?

Nevada and some other out west states. there are also a lot in Ohio and Montana, especially in the Pryor Mountains

How old are the Sierra Nevada mountains?

There was a "first stage" of geologic evolution that began the process of forming the Sierra Nevada mountains about 100 million years ago. But it took a lot more time for them to really develop and take the shape we see them in today. Some deep formations evolved in the beginning. Note that the Pacific plate and the North American plate form a boundary near this location, and as the Pacific plate subducts (goes beneath) the North American plate, there is tremendous heating of Pacific plate material below the western edge of the North American plate. The expansion of this material pushed up on the region, and set a "base" for the formation of this range. About 20 million years ago, there was a lot of vulcanism that set the stage for mountain forming. Then some 5 to 4 million years ago, there was more uplift, and also the "cutting away" of the sides of the string of mountains. There is a long history associated with the formation of these magnificent mountains, and by using the links below, you can begin to discover the story of their formation.

Is there snow and ice on some islands in japan?

Yes. In the mountains, in winter, there is snow and ice on some islands in Japan. There are photographs of monkeys bathing in hot springs in Japan, and all around the chimps (and the hot springs) is a lot of snow.