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Does the size of a magnet affect its magnetism?



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Yes. Larger the magnet greater the magnetism. For example: Both the Sun and the Earth are powerful magnets. But the Sun's magnetism is 100 times greater than the magnetism of Earth. This is because the size of the Sun is also about 100 times greater than the Earth.

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The intensity of a magnetic field is measured in terms of its flux density, which is defined as the flux per unit area. This corresponds to a weber per square metre ('weber' is pronounced 'vay-ber') which, in SI, is given a special name: the tesla.

So if a magnet has a given flux, then the smaller the area (perpendicular to the field) of that magnet, the higher its flux density. So the intensity of a magnetic field is a function of both the field (which depends on the type of material from which the magnet is made) itself and the perpendicular area of the magnet.