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Not all tongues are the same and with that in mind as the tongue gets longer the tongue also gets thicker which mean the piercer must account for the thickness when selecting a correct initial barbell for the piercing. Swelling can cause serious issues during the healing process and the barbell must be long enough to account for the swelling.

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Q: Does the size of your tongue matter when getting it pierced?
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What is the length on the barbell used to pierce your tongue?

Depends on the size of the tongue getting pierced, the professional body piercer will measure the tongue to ensure the correct size is used.

What size is your tongue pierced with?


What size of bar is used when getting your tongue pierced?

The barbell is 14g that is the actual thickness of the jewellery as for how long it it that depends on the thickness of the tongue, that is the job of the professional body piercer to determine what size will best accommodate swelling .

What size is a tongue ring when pierced?

The size of the barbell depends solely on the size of the tongue being pierced and the selection is generally done by the professional body piercer at the time of the piercing. Be smart see a professional body piercer.

Length of the barbell they pierce your tongue with?

It's based on the thickness of the tongue with an allowance for swelling, a professional body piercer will be able to asses the size required for the tongue being pierced.

Is it true you cant drink orange juice if you get your tongue pierced?

absolutly......not. your tongue will swell 11x its size and explode. good luck explaining that one to your mother.

How long is a long tongue bar?

Each barbell is scaled to the size of the tongue to be pierced therefore there is no "actual size" barbell for tongues, this is why you need to have the piercing done by a professional body piercer who will scale and measure the tongue and place the correctly sized barbell into the piercing.

What size length is the tongue stud when you first have your tongue pierced i want to have my tongue pierced buti have a slight gag relex what size do they put in the hole how long is it?

Its longer than what you would normally wear in it because it has to allow for swelling. Don't worry about your gag reflex. Tongues arent pierced that far back and the bar wont be nearly long enough to trigger it. Go to a reputable piercer and you wont have any problems! They know what they're doing!

What is hoter a pierced lip or a pierced tongue?

A tongue ring shows ur a freak while a lip pierced shows u might not be able to kiss very wellA toung ring can show ur creativity with the different colors fo the blass, the red, The gauge size, etc. While a lip piercing just looks painful to kiss

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When can you change your tongue piercing after being pierced?

If there's no pain nor swelling and you know your body, after two weeks it would be ok. But if your tongue is still extremely sore, wait 4-6 weeks after you initially had it pierced. To allow the tongue to heal around the jewelry. And if you have an questions about what size barbell to get or if you're still unsure you should call your piercer, and they'll be delighted to help.

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