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No, not necessarily. You can filter on a list of data that is not sorted.

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2015-12-15 20:23:48
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Q: Does the sort feature have to be applied before the filter on Microsoft Excel?
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What is the use of the spam filter feature of Microsoft Exchange?

The spam filter feature of Microsoft Exchange is a way to avoid all the spam messages to an individual's email account. This puts all the spam messages into a spam folder than can be deleted all at once.

When a filter has been applied to a datasheet clicking the Toggle Filter button will?

When a filter has been applied to a datasheet, clicking the Toggle Filter button will

What are 4 advantages of Microsoft Excel over Microsoft word?


What type of filter does the Frigidaire FAX052P7A feature?

Mesh, Slide-out Filter

What are the two options provided in Microsoft Excel for filtering data?

Auto Filter and Advanced Filter.

What spam filter can be used for Microsoft Exchange?

xeams is one of the spam filters which can be used for Microsoft Exchange. It helps filter spam messages in emails and can be downloaded and installed onto the same machine in which Microsoft Exchange is present.

A packet filter that's applied to incoming data in a protocol analyzer may be called a?

Capture filter or a pre-filter

What is the Excel feature that can easily locate rows in a table?

The Filter.

How do you filter duplicate entries on Microsoft Excel?

1. Select the data you want to filter 2. Data | Filter | Advanced Filter 3. Click "Unique Records Only"

What Excel feature can be used to locate rows in a table?

You can use the Filter to do it.

In how many directions the blur filter can be applied in dhtml?


What is the Microsoft Exchange Spam Filter?

The Microsoft Exchange Spam Filter is a tool inbuilt to Microsoft Exchange to prevent spam from ending up in your inbox. It's a very handy tool and you can view what's currently in your spam folder by looking under folders and clicking on spam.

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