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That depends on the situation. If the object is moving freely in a vacuum, the speed stays the same. If an object is accelerating, the speed change depends in part, on the mass of the object.

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Your mass will stay the same no matter where you go.

Yes, no gas is given off, therefore the mass of conversation will stay the same.

This is because their ratio will stay the same (volume divided by mass = density).

If you want to move while you are in freefall mass matters (conservation of momentum, and energy). but if you stay stil it doens't.

Your mass will stay the same. Mass is always the same no matter what.

Your mass would stay the same. Mass is the amount of matter in an object, so your mass would stay at 68kg.

non-constant speed is when the speed for an object does not stay the same

The two properties of a crayon that will stay about the same after being melted is it's color and mass.

The law of mass conservation is generally valid.

To stay at the same speed, not turning

Yes. See the Law of Conservation of Mass.

No. Mass stays the same but weight changes depending on the strength of gravity.

Not if you stay in the same place.If you stay on the earth and change your mass, your weight changes.If you stay on the moon and change your mass, your weight changes.If you move from the earth to the moon and don't change your mass, your weight changes.

If a substance of unknown composition is heated in an open container will Its mass will stay the same as a result the mass of the container and its contents decreases. A substance of an unknown composition is heated in a sealed container the mass of the container and its content remains the same.

No why would the speed of sound will stay the same

As trust increases, speed increases. Providing the angle of attack, and the wind speed stay the same.

The mass of an object can be subtracted or added. For example, with water, you can just add more to have a larger mass. With ice, you can just chop off a portion to lessen its mass. Though, if you take a piece of paper and crumple it up, the mass will stay the same. It just depends on the context of the situation.

Because mass is not the same as weight. Weight is mass times gravity so your weight will change if you are on the earth or moon but your mass will stay the same.

Mass is in a sense independent of volume. In the sense that something of the same mass as something else will often have a different volume. They are linked together by density, which is mass divided by volume.

Its mass remains the same (except for the very small amounts that stick to the knife blade).

no, your weight changes. your mass stays the same

No its mass will stay the same, though its density will change.

There's no reason for the mass of anything to depend on its temperature.

balance because it mass can stay the same, and u can compare it

It means that the amount of mass will stay the same after the change occurs.

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