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Q: Does the spotted turtle schools
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When was Spotted turtle created?

Spotted turtle was created in 1792.

How do you figure out what kind of turtle you have if the turtle is about 4cm long they are green and yellow with a spotted belly and they have green eyes?

That type of turtle is called a spotted turtle, and the are endangered, or it is a painted turtle and it is most likely a painted turtle.

Is the spotted turtle an endangered?


How much does a spotted turtle weigh?


Do webkinz have a turtle yet?

Yess!!!!! go to to find out more about it! yes! there is a regular turtle and a spotted turtle.

Why is the spotted turtle threatened?

because it loves cheese

What does a spotted turtle do underwater?

Swims, hunts, roots around, know...turtle stuff

How does a black spotted turtle?

We need more information to answer this question.

What is the Spotted Turtle ranking on the IUNC red list?


What is the spotted turtle's role in the food chain?

3rd tropic level (Omnivores) Plants - worms - spotted turtles

How much does the spotted turtle weigh?

no one knows. it can be as heavy as my butt

Are Yellow Spotted Amazon River Turtle endangered?

No. They are listed as vulnerable by the IUCN.