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Q: Does the state of New Jersey have capital punishment laws?
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What are the New Jersey Car Insurance laws?

Read up on New Jersey insurance laws at the New Jersey government webpage, they will have detailed information on the laws and policies of state. They will vary from state to state, so it is wise to research and learn the laws before heading out on the road in that state.

How many states have capital punishment laws?

38 of the states and in all federal jurisdictions.

What is the punishment for negligent homicide?

It can depend on the laws of your individual state.

Are there any laws concerning corporal punishment?

Every state has either laws or School Board Regulations governing the use of Corporal Punishment.

What are new laws for dwi punishment?

The laws for DWI punishment does vary from state to state. These laws also vary depending on what country you are inquiring about. There is a great site called duipenalties and you can find the particular punishments by state on this site. It is very informative.

Who make laws for New Jersey?

The State Legislature.

What are the state firearm laws of New Jersey?

That is impossible to answer as asked. Every state in the U.S. has multiple firearms laws. Most states have hundreds of laws.

What is the minimum punishment for first offense petty theft?

It depends on the laws of your particular state.

What is the main job of the New Jersey legislative branch?

To create and pass laws regarding the State of New Jersey.

What crimes were capital punishment given for. In ohter words what crimes do you have to commit to receive capital punishment?

At one time capital punishment was meted out for what we would now consider trivial or at best worth a stern warning. In countries with a stable and fair judicial system capital punishment is usually only given for what is seen as the most horrific crimes such as premeditated murder. Many countries have outlawed capital punishment completely, others still retain it for crimes which that country has decided are reprehensible, and these vary widely. It you travel abroad it best to be informed of the local laws and punishments.

Can you marry your cousin in the state of Georgia?

Yes, but New Jersey has no incest laws period.

How many juveniles were on death row in 2008?

None. The US Supreme Court declared capital punishment for juvenile offenders is unconstitutional in Roper v. Simmons,543 US 551 (2005). This decision overturned capital punishment laws in 25 states.

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