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White tiger are rare species

It means that ur unique or that certain individual that it represents is one of a kind

It also means struggle cuz since its rare it has to endure to survive since most often die at an early age due to starvation

but i think it also represents individuality, uniqueness and of course strength. white tigers are my favorite =)

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What does the name white tiger mean?

Large tiger.

What does it mean when a white dove lands in your backyard?

Though a white dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, it doesn't mean anything when a white dove lands in your backyard. It's also a bird!

What does it mean to see a white tiger attacking you in your dream?

It depends who you ask. People who claim to interperate dreams often disagree. Some dreams may be significant but without knowing anything about you it is impossible to say. It probably means nothing at all.

What does the 20xi symbol on tiger woods hat mean?

Last year

How do you unlock the tiger in black and white 2?

The tiger? you mean the tiger that the japanees have? oh no. you caint ulock it. although, you can play tiger in the expantion pack, black and white 2 BATTLE OF THE GODS.

What does white Bengal tiger mean?

The name, White Bengal Tiger refers to a tiger from the Bengal area of Southern Asia called a Bengal Tiger, but of a variety with much lighter than normal markings.

What does the colour white mean in christianity?

White is a symbol of purity, innocence and holiness.

What does the color white mean in India?

symbol of purity.

Does a white woolly worm mean anything?

What does a white wooly worm mean?

What does the donkey symbol means in Republican?

It doesn't mean anything. The Republican animal symbol is the elephant.

What does symbol mean in an email?

There are lots of symbols, and they all have their own meaning. What symbol do you mean? Anything other than letters of the alphabet is a symbol. @ is a symbol, officially known as the ampersand, standing for the word "at".

How to get White font Neopets?

If you mean on neomail the answer is - Go to the color symbol and push white

What does it mean to see a white dove?

It is a symbol of hope or of the spirit.

What does the Snow White tiger's name mean?

The snow white tigers do not have any stripes. The white tiger has dark stripes all over its body like the Siberian tiger. The snow white tigers do not have any stripes whatsoever. Their fur is simply white. They are sometimes also called the ghost tiger.

How can you get a white tiger in zoo tycoon 2?

I have both the endangered species pack and the African adventure pack. When I put about 10 tigers in a cage, at least 1 and sometimes more are white. The chance of getting a white tiger is exactly 10% You should also be able to get baby white tigers, allthough if you breed a female white tiger with a male white tiger, this doesn't have to mean the baby is white too.

Is a white tiger a species of the tiger?

Answer: A white tiger is NOT a separate species of tiger- and there is no such thing as a "separate species of tiger," because if it was a different species then it wouldn't be a tiger, now would it? You mean "subspecies."A white tiger comes about due to a recessive gene in the parents' DNA. This gene has only been confirmed in the Bengal tiger, so if you see a white tiger and a normal Bengal tiger together (or even separate), they are the same species. It's like having a blonde person next to a brunette- it's simply a difference in genes.

What does 5 white doves mean?

It doesn't mean anything.

What does the color white mean to the Chinese?

The colour of white is usually worn at funerals as a symbol of mourning.

What does the star of judaism mean?

The Star of David doesn't mean anything. It is a symbol of King David.

What type of climate does the white lion have in its habitat?

dont you mean white tiger and if you do they live in wet forests and can swim

If an orange tiger gives birth to one white tiger and three orange tigers which allele does the mother have for color?

what does allele mean

What does a white diamond shaped symbol on the road mean?

carpool lane

What does the white candle mean in the advent wreath?

it is the symbol of Christmas day.

What white tiger name means?

These tigers are usually called Siberian, but their Latin name is Panthera Tigris. This has come to mean large tiger.

Does it mean anything if you actually saw a white wolf?