Does the temperature of the liquid affect how materials dissolve in it?


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Yes, the higher the temperature, the faster materials dissolve in the given liquid

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No room temperature liquid can dissolve diamond.

If the solid is soluble (can dissolve) then it will dissolve in the liquid and give you a solution.

temperature. The higher the temperature of the liquid, the more of the solid you can dissolve in it.

Gases dissolve in a liquid if the temperature is low. The higher the temperature the less gas will dissolve.

Yes the temperature does matter the liquid needs to be hotter. The liquid is that the aspirin is in the faster the aspirin will dissolve.

At room temperature materials can be liquid, solid or gas.

Temperature.Higher temperature = Higher dissolution

The higher the temperature the more the sugar dissolves because as the atoms move around causing the atoms to turn into a liquid it is causing it to dissolve faster.

- temperature - nature of the liquid

As a general rule, increasing the temperature will increase the volume of a liquid (or a solid or a gas)

Temperature and density of the liquid, and the state of the compound being dissolved (salt in small granules will dissolve faster than a large cube of it) will affect the dissolution rate.

It will not affect the mass in any way whatsoever.

If you want to increase the solubility of a gas in a liquid you want to decrease the temperature of the liquid and increase the pressure.

increased: if you put a can of soda in the fridge you are keeping it cool so it does not become flat. therefore, you are increasing the temperature.

First of all the material has to be soluble in the liquid. Second different materials have a different solubility. Thirdly, once the solution is saturated, not more dissolving can happen.

== == Acidity can dissolve certain rocks through chemical reaction.

The warmer a liquid is, right up to its boiling point, the better solids dissolve. Put another way, you can generally dissolve more of a solid in a warm/hot liquid than in a cool/cold liquid. Conversely, gasses dissolve in liquids better at cooler temperatures. That's why a warm Coke spews (out-gasses) worse than a cold keep your cola cold, and sweeten your tea while it's still hot!

Yes. The temperature of the liquid and the wax both affect the action of a lava lamp.

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