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Q: Does the tooth fairy work on a Saturday night?
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Does tooth fairy work Boxing Day?

sorry no she has the night off, try again the next night

Does the Tooth Fairy work on Sunday night?

Yes, the tooth fairy works every single day of the year.

How if the tooth fairy did not come?

i might have forgotten but try again the next night it might just work!!! hope i helped!!!):):):)

How do you catch the tooth fairy?

Oh, Now you don't want to catch the Tooth Fairy. If you even think about it too hard, the Tooth Fairy will know, and out of fear, never come back to retreive your teeth or leave you a surprise again! This is a very important part of the Tooth Fairy's nature. The Tooth Fairy needs to be free, to thrive, to be happy and continue to live, and therefore, do the work that only the Tooth Fairy can do. You see, if the Tooth Fairy has already retreived just one of your teeth, then the Tooth Fairy has a direct connection to you through that tooth. The Fairy will know, with out a doubt, what you are thinking, if you think about it really, really hard! Especially if it involves the Tooth Fairyy! This is one of the major secerts of the Tooth Fairy, the first tooth is always the hardest to recover, sometimes it might take a night or two! But, the Tooth Fairy will get there, just be patient. It's because the connection, the touch hasn't been made yet, but once it is. You are connected by that tooth so be careful what you think about too loudy. You don't want to scare away the Tooth Fairy. To catch the tooth Fairy just hold on to his wings.

Does the tooth fairy work Boxing Day?

tooth fairies donot really exist

My child wants to keep her tooth and leave a note for the tooth fairy. Should the tooth fairy leave her money?

Yes, of course, that is the whole purpose. Well, the "Tooth Fairy's" job is to take the tooth from under the pillow and leave a gift, it can be money or whatever she would choose to leave. If the TOOTH isn't there for her to pick up it elimates her job and the story is incomplete. She isn't called the note fairy, or the "iou" fairy, after all! I'd explain to her that, I didn't think it would work, that it is like she is trying to trick the Tooth Fairy, she knows the tooth came out and is waiting for the tooth. But if she still wanted to try I'd let her, but the Tooth Fairy wouldn't be acting like the note fairy, she'd be offended and not take the note. Maybe even leave one of her own, asking for the tooth. Then I'd encourage her to leave the tooth the next night and the Tooth Fairy would be happy to leave a gift, maybe with a note saying it's not nice to try and fool the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy can leave more than just money, he can leave a note or a small gift. The Tooth Fairy really needs teeth for his castle, so that is why he takes every single tooth.

Can you work for the tooth fairy?

You should ask your parents so they can tell her you want to work for her!

Could a big ray of light at night be the tooth fairy?

No! the tooth fairy is a bright light with glitter! Now leave teeth under your pillow at night! I will get them. Other people's teeth don't work! love, Amanda, friend of the tooth fairy Oh no excuse me im the person who asked this question, when i lost my tooth i saw the tooth fairy she had red hair, pink dress, and she was shining so bright she was blue. my cat chased her to. she dropped my money left glitter and forgot my tooth. gave me 5$ and came back during the day left me a note and gave me an extra 1$. Peace & Love, Hipkitty2

Can an individual work on Saturday if he is of the Hebrew religion?

No, not until Saturday night.

If you go to the dentis to get your tooth out will the tooth fairy come?

ask the dentist to please give you the tooth so you can take it home to keep for ther tooth fairy, all the dentists will be happy to do that for you because they would never be able to get any work done because the tooth fairy would ALWAYS BE HANGING AROUND when the dentist wasn't looking!!

How do you meet the cast of Saturday Night Live?

You can never meet the cast of Saturday Night Live, They work undercover.

What is a work of literature that reflects a fairy tale?

A Midsummer's Night Dream

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