Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy is a fairy that comes during the night when a child loses a tooth. Children leave the tooth, often under their pillow, and the tooth fairy comes while the child is sleeping, takes the tooth, and leaves money or gifts for the child.

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Tooth Fairy

What is the Tooth Fairy's real phone number?


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Tooth Fairy

What does a fairy tattoo symbolize?

A person's liking of fairies

Tooth Fairy
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Who was tooth fairy the serial killer?

In the movie The Red Dragon, Francis Dolarhyde is a fictional character and the main antagonist. He was called the tooth fairy. He was the serial killer in that movie.

Tooth Fairy

Does a tooth fairy grant wishes?

No. The tooth fairy gives money in return for your baby teeth.

Tooth Fairy

Who plays randy in Tooth Fairy?

The Rock

Tooth Fairy

Is the tooth fairy real?

There are three main opinions about the reality of the tooth fairy. Some people believe that the tooth fairy is real, and when a child loses his/her tooth and puts it under the pillow, she will come during the night to take the tooth and give the child a coin. Other people believe that the tooth fairy is only a mythical creature, and she does not exist outside of fairy tales. And some people believe that the tooth fairy exists in the hearts of children, even though she does not have a physical presence.

Here are some other opinions on the tooth fairy's existence.

  • Yes the tooth fairy is real. Your dentist knows the fairy quite well and will tell if you do not keep your mouth clean like you should.
  • Every child will loose his baby teeth and it is part of growing up to lose them. When you start to lose your baby teeth, ask your parents what to do with them. They will help you find out exactly what the tooth fairy will do.
  • The tooth fairy cannot be a fake. If you think about it, all deserving children will sacrifice a tooth for a treat, or even money. The healthier the tooth, the more value it has for the tooth fairy, so for example, if a tooth falls out because it is rotten it will not be worth anything.
  • The tooth fairy comes in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes the fairy can be quick and sometimes very slow and clumsy. I have seen a tooth fairy stumble on a toy I left on the floor and there was so much noise that I could not sleep. My tooth was already gone from under my pillow and in it's place was a coin - it was a lot of money in those days.
  • I know somebody who lost their tooth in the basin. The next morning, his father opened up the pipe and could not find the tooth, however, there was a small handful of change in the drain. So the tooth fairy can even swap a tooth for money in a drain pipe! Normally, the fairy knows where the tooth came from, so even if you loose your tooth before the tooth fairy arrives, you can probably still find a sweet under you pillow in the mornings.
  • No. "Tooth fairies" do not really exist; fairies as a whole do not exist.
  • Of course not! It is a parent's means to encourage their child to accept that they will lose their baby teeth - in exchange for money.
Tooth Fairy

Is there going to be a tooth fairy 2?

i think not if your talking about the movie but if you are talking about the real tooth fairy i think so i think there is alot of tooth fairies

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Tooth Fairy

If you haven't signed a contract does the landlord have to give you a certain amount of days to get out?

Yes, local landlord/tenant laws will dictate the required minimum notice period for a "tenancy at will", especially where there is no signed document indicating some other period.  It is often one month, hence the term "month-to-month" rentals which need no written contract at all.
I've learned that the term is often dictated by the frequency with which you pay rent. If monthly, then 30 days' notice; if weekly, then Iowa, as an example, requires ten days notice by either party to end the arrangement. In the absence of a written rental agreement, the state laws have pretty good built-in protections for both parties. I'm not an attorney. Exceptions often apply, especially where crime or public safety are concerned. Read up on your landlord-tenant law and consult your attorney for proper advice.

Tooth Fairy

Can I talk to the tooth fairy right now?

You can talk to the tooth fairy, mostly kids believe but you can if you lose a tooth just leave a message

Tooth Fairy

Can you speak to the tooth fairy?

of course you can! my friend is the tooth fairy! I am the fairy of answers.

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How do you take out a tooth?

First, the tooth should be COMPLETLY numb so that the patient does not feel any pain. Once that is accomplished, then the Dentist will use an instrument called an elevator to push the gums gently away from the tooth. When most of the gums at the top are pulled back the dentist will use another instrument that pushes the gums aways as you he goes lower down the roots of the tooth. When all sides of the tooth are loose from the ligament then the tooth should already be mobile and the Dentist can use surgical forceps to pull the loose tooth out. The worst and longest part is the numbing aspect...loosening the tooth should be a breeze in most cases.

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How do you make my tooth more loose?

Well, what i do is i Sometimes just wiggle is but if that does not work then gargle salt water

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Tooth Fairy

Is Kirby a boy or a girl?

Kirby is a dude

Tooth Fairy

What is the tooth fairys favorite food?

He's not real. It's your mom or dad.

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What about a Mandibular tooth coming in behind another tooth - both deciduous?

The tooth that is coming in behind the mandibular tooth is not deciduous, it will be a permanent tooth. These permanent mandibular teeth should be coming in anywhere from 6-10 years of age.

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How do you remove a child's tooth?

you can go to the dentist


you can tie a string to the tooth and to a door knob and slam the door


you can hold the tooth with a napkin between 2 fingers and pull


you can give the napkin to the child and let them pull it out themselves

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Which founding father had all of his teeth pulled by the age of 57?

Losing teeth was not at all uncommon in those days, but the person this question is looking for was George Washington. He was famous for his wooden false teeth.

Tooth Fairy

What films have fairies in?

peter pan that has Tinkerbell in she is a fariy

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Why do people not believe in fairies?

It's because they haven't figured out how to trust their hearts. Also, children are more inclined to believe because they are more open to the unexplainable- like Nessie or the Tooth Fairy or the monster under the bed. Sometimes adults only want to see what they can explain, which is really sad for them.

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What is the Tooth Fairy's address?

The tooth fairy's address is 105 fairy land CH100 tooth lane. I believe in the tooth fairy, I got a letter back from her!!!

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Tooth Fairy

What time does the tooth fairy come at?

the tooth fairy comes out when you are asleep. :]

Tooth Fairy
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What is the Tooth Fairy's phone number?

The Tooth Fairy doesn't carry a phone. Oh, nothing that simple and human-like for such an important Fairy. She has the ability to hear that tooth pop right out. That is her special gift! She can tell just from the sound, where you live, what you name is, how old you are, and how many other teeth she has collected from you. Just from that one little sound. Sometimes you hear it, but just barely, when your tooth plinks out of it's little slot. But to her, The Tooth Fairy, it might as well be as loud as a thunderclap. She can her it no matter how far away she is, and that sound draws her to your room. But you must do your part. If "your tooth" isn't under "your" pillow, she will be offended and will not leave you a surprise. So, she doesn't require a phone, no mere number is needed to reach her, just that tiny sound, that tiny plink when your tooth leaps from it's place and calls out to The Tooth Fairy, she will hear. So, you see, there is no need for a phone number listing for the Tooth Fairy.

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Tooth Fairy

What is the history behind the tradition of tooth fairy?

Centuries ago, in Europe it was a common practice when a child's baby tooth fell out (primary tooth), to bury it in the ground. It was done so that a new tooth (permanent tooth) would grow in its place. The other reason for this ritual was the superstition, that if a witch got a hold of the tooth, a curse could be placed on the child, (as with fingernail clippings and/or hair). So by burying their children's teeth, this unfortunate curse was prevented from happening.

Anyway, as people migrated to this country, many of the same beliefs and superstitions followed them. However, since most of the people now found themselves living n towns and cities, bare land wasn't as plentiful. So they began placing the teeth in small flowerpots, or planter boxes. Eventually this rite too changed, and the fallen out tooth was placed under a child's pillow, where the parents switched the tooth (always in the middle of the night) for a treat or a coin.

Of course the curious children wanted to know what happened to their small teeth. And since children love to hear stories, their parents explained to them who was actually removing their teeth and leaving the treat in its place. The Tooth Fairy was born. All children grew to love this rite of passage, and the coming of the Tooth Fairy.

Some how, when parents are late to give the treat in, the parents say stuff like "the tooth fairy is on holaday" or other lame excuses

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Why would the red power LED on a Cony mini hi-fi system model No hcd-cpx22 flash and the system become inoperable?

you have to replace transistor Q906 (2SC1623) in to a 2SC639, this transistor you wil find on the main board and you will see it hes been heated, it is mistake made bij sony, this transistor can't dissipate the current witch it has to it wil not measure defect but it is. change it and your stereo wil work again! Reyn


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