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Zombies, highlighted in scary movies, are creatures said to be dead humans that come back to life. George A. Romero's 1968 film Night of the Living Dead popularized the zombie.

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What would the medical term for a zombie be?

There are actually several real-life conditions and diseases that cause one to act in a zombie-like state. They are: Cotard's Syndrome - also known as Walking Corpse Syndrome. This is a psychological condition where people believe they are dead after a near-death experience. Causes them to act zombie-like (blank minded) but with no violence Sleeping Sickness - caused by infected bites from tsetse flies, found in the African continent. The condition causes you to sleepwalk violently in a zombie-like state Rabies - rabies symptoms are...
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How do you play zombie mod in cs 1.6 offline?

You need to install AMX Mod X and a Zombie Mod Plugin to your listenserver. A listenserver is the server your computer runs when you are playing offline singleplayer or anytime you create a server using your game client. Just install AMX Mod X to your listenserver (your game) just as you would to any server and install a Zombie Mod Plugin normally. AMX Mod X has some good documentation on their site if you need any help. ...
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Why do zombies attack?

Zombies attack because of the fear you show and the smell of your blood. To be honest, they are messed up in the head. Zombies are cannibals and have a thirst for human flesh and reasonably so. Brains are very nutritious. Also, to the untrained tongue, human flesh tastes like pork. Who doesn't love bacon? When being approached by a lone zombie or a group, it is often beneficial to remind yourself what may be causing their quasi-aggressive advance. They will not...
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How do you infect people in zombie cafe?

it will tell you in the tutorial. click on a human. make sure your not at your limited amount of zombies. Then click infect. ...
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Why do zombies walk funny?

They are undead creatures and their legs don't work well. Their ligaments and tendons have detiriorated and faded away. Thus the reason they walk funny ...
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Will COD MW3 have zombies?

Answer No, because they are Nazi zombies and MW doesn't have any Nazi, but MW3 will have Special Ops and Survival Mode. Well since it has been over a year since its release, it will not. Zombies mode is Treyarch's specialty on Call of Duty games. ...
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When did zombies become popular?

A zombie could be a brain eating undead monster or a delicious tall cocktail consisting of rums, liquor and fruit juice which have always been popular amongst chicks. Zombie monsters gained popularity after the 1939 NY World Fair.... also became famus from George A romeros 1968 film..... ...
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What would happen if a Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon attacks another copy of itself?

If a Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon you control attacked an opposing Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon in Attack Position on your opponent's side of the field, both monsters would be destroyed at the same time in the Damage Step and neither monster's effect would activate. If a Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon you control attacked an opposing Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon in Defense Position on your opponent's side of the field, your opponent's Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon would be destroyed by battle, and you are given the option of Special Summoning...
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What do you have to shoot to kill a zombie?

Answer If you are asking how to kill a zombie fast you aim for the head. A shotgun will do the job just fine. Have fun... ...
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How long do zombies live?

Zombies themselves are not living. however, they are often reanimated by a virus, which is living, so it eventually REdies. You may be tempted to argue that a virus isn't a living thing, and you may be right, seeing how it doesnt reproduce by itself. Because a virus need living cells to reproduce, and zombies aren't living, the virus would eventually die out, thus de-animating the zombie. So the question becomes: how long do zombie-making viruses live? According to Max Brooks' Zombie...
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How do zombies attack?

Zombies attack by feeding on human brains. In many video games and films, (e.g. call of duty WAW: Nazi zombies) they are seen using physical violence. Before this, the story was zombies fed on peoples brains. So you can choose which choice you think zombies attack! ...
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How was the idea of zombies started?

The idea of Zombies has been around for the longest time, an example is The Epic of Gilgamesh, "I will knock down the Gates of the Netherworld, I will smash the door posts, and leave the doors flat down, and will let the dead go up to eat the living! And the dead will outnumber the living!" ...
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Why is my zombie licking my unicorn?

Your unicorn probably had some brains stuck in his fur, possibly from running through a rough section of zombieland. Your zombie is merely trying to nourish himself. A thorough cleaning of the unicorn should solve the problem. ...
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Could Zombie land Really Happen?

i believe that sum terrorists might try to make a new B.O.W(bilolgical weapon) and might accidentally make some zombie virus. but i also think that we will be able to take them out and that they wont be that much of a problem. what i think will cause an apocalypse is rouge robots like the ones on terminator "That is why america willget rid of terrorism! Once and for all!" ...
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Does Call of Duty mw3 have zombies?

No MW3 doesn't have zombies.
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When is the zombie apocalypse going to happen?

I have done years of research as a scientist. But once while I was experimenting in November 1ST 2009 , I found that h20 added with c20 with with a high level of h83 it made me scream. The micro cells in the liquid started eating each other and turning green, I looked for answers until my friend gave it to a monkey and put a bird in a cage with him. About a hour later the monkey went in...
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Was group 935 real?

yes. the zombie part, no. the nazi were also experimenting with element 115 and the space time continuuem and the wunderwaffen dg2 was gunna be a real gun with hitlers supersoilder army if project riese was finished. Nazi zombues is partlly real. But its not like ppl will beleave so it is kinda classified. P.s. Its prononced vondervaffen degee2 p.s ss dosen't stand for supersoilders it stands schutzstaffel (or your just sayin it) ...
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Is diary of the dead on Netflix?

Indeed it is.
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Was Group 935 in Nazi Zombies Der Riese Actually Real?

The zombie part, no. But during the war, the nazis did try to use anti gravity devices called Die Glocke (which the wunderwaffe DG2 stands for: Die Glocke 2). They tested in an underground facility known as Der Riese which was in poland. I don't know if it was exactly called group 935, but there was a group very similar, except zombies (which actually may or may not have been real info is classified). They DID really use element 115 though...
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Will there be any more call of duty games with nazi zombies?

yes i think there will, because what they do after each call of duty is just update,they probaly wont be bothered to take it off. and oh yeah call of duty modern warfare 3 will come out soon,yippeee! ...
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How do you get a turkey pet in zombie farm?

Update to v1.07
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How do you play zombies on GTA 4?

There isn't an intentional zombie mode in Grand Theft Auto 4, but you may have a group of people dress up as the zombie model and play survivor. ...
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How do you get magic Hand in office Zombie?

You get the saw blade and you keep throwing it at the zombie until it slices his hand off ...