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The only real difference between the grades of fuel is in a classification called "octane". Octane is the rate at which fuel ignites at a specific compression ratio. Higher octane fuel is needed for high compression engines but most of the new vehicles manufactured will not experience any significant improvment by using a high octane (expensive) fuel. Most standard production engines are relatively low compression, but if you have made modifications to the engine to raise the compression level you may actually NEED the high compression fuel. Another thing that you do NOT need is fuel detergents or cleaners. If the vehicle sits unused for long periods of time, (weeks, not hours) it may be good to put an additive through the injectors periodically just to clean out any varnish that may build up. If the vehicle is used regularly you can just use normal, inexpensive gasoline since gasoline is already a pretty good solvent. I advise that you always purchase fuel at a local place that sells LOTS of fuel. That way it will have a far better chance of being fresh and warm when it's put in the tank and if fuel is warmer than the air it will prevent water from condensing and building up in the station's tank. My advice, don't buy the expensive stuff unless you have a high compression engine. Don't buy the stuff with additives unless the vehicle sits unused for long periods of time.

Use only the octane rating advised by your manufacturer, an engine will not use more octane than designed to do. Never fill your tank while there is a fuel delivery being made, the introduction of fuel into the storage tank stirs the sediment at the bottom.

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Q: Does the type of gas used matterWhat is the difference between super plus and regular unleaded?
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Octane rating. regular is 87 plus is 89 or 91

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What happens when you mix regular unleaded and unleaded plus in a gas tank?

When you mix regular unleaded fuel and unleaded plus fuel in a gas tank it results in a mixture of fuel with an octane rating higher that regular unleaded fuel but lower than the octane rating of unleaded plus fuel.

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You are using unleaded gas for your 1.4 vauxhall astra before when you started using super unleaded your car stops running Why does it mena that ly car is not compatible with super unleaded?

The only difference in regular unleaded fuel and super unleaded is the octane rating is higher in super unleaded fuel. Burning super unleaded would not cause your vehicle to die.

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You can. But you will more than likely notice a performance difference in your power.

Can a two stroke motorbike seize after running on premium then changing to unleaded fuel?

No, premium is unleaded gas as well and the difference in octane ratings between regular (87) and premium (91) is is not going to cause an engine to seize. Running the gas/oil ratio to lean will though.

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