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No the University of Phoenix doesn't have dorms, and no it isn't only internet based. You have a choice to do it all online, or they have campuses. There is a University of Phoenix campus located 5 miles from my house. Their base is in Phoenix.

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It's your chose but most colleges want you to so you can meet more people.

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Yes, thousands and thousands of doorms.

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Q: Does the university of Phoenix have dorms?
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No, there are no dorms at the University of Phoenix. For those attending the campus, it is a commuters university. However, most students take there coursework online. The university has the preferred regional accreditation, thus the coursework and degree you complete through this university will be recognized by all other colleges and universities as well as employers. Thus, taking their degree online would be fine provided you are disciplined in your study habits and not a procrastinator.

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