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The e in the word menu has a short vowel sound, and the u has a long vowel sound.

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Q: Does the word menu have long or short vowel sound?
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Does the word menu have a long or short vowel sound?

The vowel sounds in the word menu are a short e and a long u.

Does menu have a short vowel?

The 'e' in menu is a short vowel, as in 'men'. The 'u' has a long U (yoo) sound.

Does menu have a long or short vowel sound?

It has one short vowel sound and one long vowel sound. The E has a short E sound, as in men. The U has a long U (long OO) sound.

Does the word menu have a long vowel sound?

The word has a short E and a long YOO (U) sound.

Does menu have a short vowel sound in the first syllable?

Yes. The E has the short E sound as in men and meant. (The U has a long U/long YOO sound.)

Does menu have a short or long vowel?

long. short would be umbrella

Are menu and fuel have the long u sound?


What is the difference between diner and dinner?

Dinner is the "third meal", following breakfast and lunch. The word is pronounced with the short vowel "i" sound. The soft "i" sound sounds almost like a sound of disgust. Diner is the restaurant of sorts that provides a wide array of menu options. Their quality varies, from the best 'mom and pop' places, to the rattiest holes in the wall. The word is pronounced with the long, strong vowel "i" sound. The long "i" sound speaks the letter's name, "I", and sounds like the body part, eye. A diner can also mean a person who is dining, that is, eating. Dinner is something you eat, and a diner is a place where you can eat it.

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list the short cuts on a PC's keyboard

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short cut menu

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